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best places for wholesale craft supplies
*Disclaimer* Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, should you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission.  That being said, I do not make recommendations for websites or products I wouldn’t use myself.  My experiences with the companies below are genuine and sincere.

One part of running a profitable craft business is knowing the best places to buy wholesale craft supplies. I have created a variety of niche crafts over the years including handmade soaps, paper products, cat toys, glass bottle crafts and jewelry.

During this time,  I’ve discovered many places to source materials at a great price.  If you have Amazon prime; purchasing craft lots from there can be very affordable, so can eBay if you know where to look, but you often have to sift through a lot of junk on eBay.

Often sellers are from other countries and wait times can be long for shipping when Prime isn’t available.  Of course, with good planning, this still works out and saves a lot of money.

Avoid the craft stores as much as you can, because most of what they source also comes from the suppliers below.   The markups in the craft stores are very high.

Here are some more great wholesalers that have good prices.  Beware companies or websites that say they are “wholesale” whatever – really look because often they use that word as a way to make you believe you are getting the lowest price when that may not be the case.

That being said, here are the sites I use for most of my needs and others I’ve researched who offer high-quality products and have excellent customer service.

List of Wholesale Craft Suppliers

Etsy: Most know it as a place to purchase handmade goods, but in recent years it’s also become a huge market for vintage items and craft supplies.  Whether or not this has been a good thing has been up for debate, but the truth is you can find some great deals on supplies here.

One wholesale fabric scrapsexample is fabric by the pound.  For $10 you can get 3-6 yards of fat quarters similar to this picture for use in small projects.  It’s a grab bag, but fun if you make small things and want variety.  1-2 pound fabric scraps.  This site has very good prices and the more you buy, the steeper the discount.  For example, if you spend $50 – $100 you get 30% off and it’s incremental after that.  If you are really going all out and spend $600 on supplies you get a whopping 62.5% off.

Want to spend less than 50? even their regular prices are quite reasonable.  They have general craft items and a lot of floral craft related items, lace by the yard and much more.  This site offers numerous items, some higher quality than others.  They are one of the largest distributors of craft items in the US.  Sign up for an account and once approved you can buy bulk lots of nearly anything you can imagine at very affordable prices.

PandaHall:  I really like this resource for top-quality glass and European beads and findings for my projects.  They have a good variety and are very affordable.  They offer several options for shipping and often have free shipping coupons.  If you order in bulk, you’ll get great rates.

Up to 60% OFF Exquisite European Beads

Soapers Choice: Need bulk oils and other supplies for soap making? This is the best site for buying in bulk around.  I have used their products for years and their customer service is top notch.  They have every fat, butter or oil you could possibly ever need.

Bulk Apothecary I love this website for top-quality essential oils. I can always trust the oils I receive from here are genuine and that they won’t seize up my soaps or otherwise mess up my bath and body products. They also sell bulk herbs and many other useful things at very reasonable prices. You won’t be disappointed. Their customer services is top-notch.

Also, be sure to check Amazon and Ebay for bulk craft supplies. Sometimes you can find really good deals.

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