9 Unusual Craft Display Ideas

Unusual Craft Display IdeasSometimes it’s hard to stand out from the crowd when you are doing a lot of craft fairs.  One great way to catch the eye is by making your displays their own unique work of art.

There are so many ways to be creative with displays – and you don’t have to spend a lot of money doing it either.  Here are nine unusual craft display ideas.  They are unique, inspiring and will hopefully get your creative juices flowing.


The website this was originally featured on is down, so I can’t link back to the tutorial anymore, but I’m thinking some dollar store or flea market cups and some E6 would make something similar in design.

For all the other items in this post, click the images to go to the original sites.

Wine Crate Jewelry Display
Wine crate jewelry boxes. DIY has the tutorial for these. I love how a bit of decorative molding and some paint really makes these shine – the boxes are lovely and super easy to make. (Click the images to go to the sites)


Unique Craft Display Idea DIY LED Light Box

Learn to build your own LED light table. To make it more portable insert battery operated LED’s instead and place items on top of the lit box – how cool is that?  Or you could use electric too so long as the fairs you are setting up at provide it.

Unusual Craft Fair Displays Painted Milk Bottles
I love the milk bottles painted for jewelry displays. The monochromatic scheme here works really well and is really eye catching while not taking away from her jewelry designs.


Unusual Craft Display Ideas Wood Hanger Stands
These are being sold on Etsy so you can purchase them, or think of your own unique ways to re-imagine those old wood hangers into clever displays. This catches the eye for sure.  I would probably paint or stain them to make them match, but I love the shape and the general idea – very unique.




Unusual Craft Display Idea Repurposed Silverware Jewelry Tree
Check out this awesome sculpture /display tree made from old silverware. You can purchase one from the artist on Etsy, or perhaps imagine/create your own design. Wouldn’t this be fabulous as a jewelry display? Love it.


Unusual Craft Display Ideas Old Dresser Drawers
Check out this clever use of old dresser drawers. I often see old, beat up dressers at flea markets and even on Craigslist. Take the drawers out and create an eye-catching set of shelves for your displays.


Unusual Craft Display Idea Natural Wood Tree Stand
This is actually a wedding cake tower idea, but I think it’s striking and could be used as a craft display, especially with natural products. It would certainly be easy to put together.




Unusual craft display idea old book jewelry display
Turn old books into visually interesting displays. This one is used to display jewelry but I bet there would be a lot of neat ways to use a display like this.







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