Top 10 Best Selling Crafts 2017

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best selling crafts 2017Wondering what some of the top trends for 2017 might be? These top trends are doing well both in shows and online.  Get some inspiration for your craft season with these great examples latest craft trends for 2017.  Click the images to view the actual product as you go through this list.

While my research is not highly scientific, it is based on my years of experience as a craft fair vendor and writer/researcher.  While putting together this post, I set out to research several different factors, including handmade items that are selling well online, the craft items that other sellers I know reported to me as being their best sellers, and the “chatter” from other crafter groups.

Here are my educated guesses/predictions about what is likely to be popular this year.  Keep in mind, anything can be made more successful when it’s done in a unique way, marketed well, packaged well etc.  So even if your item(s) aren’t on this list, you may want to consider different ways you can tweak your current products.

PLEASE – Never, ever just steal another crafter/artists idea and copy it.  Take inspirations yes, steal ideas? no.  Ask yourself, would I want someone to do this to me? Inspiration is good, theft is terrible.  Creative people don’t have to steal! 

So, here are popular things to make and sell in no particular order…..

Current Trends

  1. Lockets and pocket watches. What’s old is new again. These timeless pieces of jewelry have really made a comeback and feature everything from aromatherapy, to glowing stones, and pictures.  I see lockets all over the place and have spotted several pocket watches on gorgeous, beaded chains.  The watches often feature various themes and many are on necklaces and not just a long pocket chain.

Here’s an amazing example from Zibbet’s Pinterest board where they share a lot of great steampunk handmade items.

2. Wall Prints.

A lot of quotes, mainly in great decorative fonts and strong, vivid colors. Typography is a great art-form that is very versatile.  I’ve seen a lot of quote prints, custom prints and more with amazing use of text.  I also see this trending online and it would appear that pops of bright color with bold statements are an emerging trend.  Perhaps move this trend to other items as well?

3. Altered Books.

I’ve seen 3D altered books with folded pages that spell words and I’ve also seen laser cut books that create images.  All of them sell like hotcakes because they are unique, new and really cool! Here’s an Etsy example: Folded Book Art

Book Art – Amazing 🙂

4. Sensory toys.

Water bead bottles are a good example of a handmade sensory toy.  These are used to aid in child development and they are simply lovely to look at.  I’ve seen a few variations of this.  A particularly nice example comes from

sensory bottles

5. Faux Stained Glass / Window Catchers.

These tutorials were popular online this year.  In addition, I’ve seen several variations at craft shows including nightlights behind the stained glass, led candles, etc. If you have a knack for painting or doing stained glass, this could be a great year.  The dazzling colors and timeless beauty of stained glass never really go out of style, and there are many interesting twists with LED’s battery operated lights becoming more affordable.

Here’s a fantastic lantern on Etsy done with stained glass paint and an LED light.

6. Terrariums & Fairy Gardens

People love the simple gardens in a jar or nature scenes in a pot.  I’ve seen beautiful terrariums and fairy gardens starting to emerge and people are very drawn to them.  Terrariums in the traditional sense can be quite expensive, but they don’t have to be.  Be creative and perhaps upcycle various items into your projects.  Simple succulents are a great way to get people to buy plants that they probably won’t kill :).

Here is a simple, pretty hanging small terrarium with a succulent.  Again, possibilities are endless… get creative.

7. Citrus Scents

So, doing a bit of research with several of my favorite essential and fragrance oil providers, I’ve found that citrus scents and oils are doing very well since last year.  This honestly surprises me a bit as lemon, lime and orange essential oils tend to fade and are often better when blended with other essential oils.  I do have to admit though I had citrus and sage soaps last year that were wildly popular with both men and women.

If you are doing soaps, lotions or other smelly good items, use some citrus essential oils in your blends.  They are naturally uplifting too – bonus.

8. Pet Beds and Toys

I saw a variety of pet beds and supplies that all seemed to sell well.  One lady made chew toys from the fabric scraps from her beds which was an amazing way to reduce waste and make her business more profitable.  Customize these with fabrics from local teams or other popular local themes.  People love their dogs and while dog treats are getting a bit overdone, dog toys and beds are a great way to sew something easy and profitable.

You can be a simple or fancy as you like.  Some even come in frames.

Check out this neat example with a built in toy bin.  Too cute.

9. Scarves

The more creative the better.  I’ve seen the most beautiful scarves at all sorts of price points and they really draw people in.  You can create decorative scarves with fringes from beautiful fabrics, or functional, heavy knit scarves in cool patterns and vivid colors.  Scarves are always a hit and a great when they are displayed hanging.

Infinity scarves are easy to make, very versatile and quite trendy.  You can make them light or super heavy and they are both functional and pretty.  I love the example below, great use of color, line, and texture.

10.  Personalized Items

Whatever you can quickly customize for a person the better.  If you can do it on-site while people shop, that can lead a lot of sales.  One woman last year brought her sewing machine and customized Santa bags while people shopped.

You can do custom vinyl wall stickers, engrave items, do metal stamping on objects – so many ways to customize and people love that extra personal touch.



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Comments 15

  • What about stationary prints? I have quite a few flower images that I have taken lately that are flawless. I was thinking about ordering them in note card sets (with envelopes) to sell. Would this be something that people may buy?

    • Hi Clarissa,
      If it’s something unique, is displayed and branded well and priced reasonably for your area, then yes there’s a good chance. Keep in mind, no one can tell you for sure. I’d do a small amount first and see how people respond. If you’re having them professionally printed be sure to shop around for the best rates so that you have a shot at a profit margin. You may also want to consider a few other items like postcards or magnets with your images added. A lot of things I’ve seen people do with their photos. The best advice is just test it out at a show or two. You may want to consider art shows over craft shows if your photography is higher end.

  • I’m wondering if recycled into something pretty using vintage linens, such as handkerchiefs, particularly, and tea towels or aprons and such are making a come back? I’ve seen crafts made from hankies but can’t determine if they’re huge in the market today or not. Let me know your thoughts about this.

    Also, are hand crochet, knit or cross stitch items coming back into vogue or not?

    I’m trying to figure out if they’re trending. How can I know?

    • I would maybe do some research on top selling crochet items on your favorite search engine. Look up ideas similar to yours on Etsy and check the stores to see how many sales the sellers have had. You can also try listing an item or two on Facebook marketplace and see if you get responses. I know in my area, crochet hats are a bit thing, especially the ones that look like animals for little ones. Also, keep in mind if you put a bit of a new twist on a popular item, that can make your item very popular locally for you because it’s new and fresh.

  • I make aprons for adults and kids as well as babydoll carriers for kids, tool belts for kids, flour sack towels with embroidery and embelishments like ruffles.

  • I was at a show last weekend and every single kid that passed me was wearing a super hero cape. They were the hottest selling item at the festival. Not sure of the investment or price point, but they were everywhere…. even princess capes for girls.

    • I had thought about selling these, too. Then I read up online about the issues with selling items with logos, such as Superman, Batman, etc. It is illegal.

  • How does jewerly sell? One of a kind pieces?

    • Hi Gernine,
      I’ll be honest there is a LOT of one-of-a-kind jewelry out there. You can be successful with jewelry absolutely, but you really have to up your game, do your marketing, make a recognizable brand and be patient with the process. Some of the best jewelry sellers I know have very outgoing personalities and they are extremely knowledgeable about not only jewelry, but shapes and colors that flatter different people. One gal has a lifetime guarantee on her work, if your piece breaks she’ll fix it free. That develops trust. With jewelry your displays and packaging are super important. You’ll also want an online presence where people can find you – whether it’s a business Facebook page or your own little website and blog. Jewelry is saturated and it’s competitive, but if you are willing to tackle those challenges, it’s also very rewarding.

  • Traveling from California to the east coast and the deep South trends change rapidly. The best markets do far this year are Utah and Colorado. What is in the mountains is not in the South and what is in the West is not in the East. Crafting is an awesome career and very rewarding but be sure to always allow for change in your abilities of crafting. People want something different and unusual for a gift or for them. Some craft and art shows have started banning stencil art, cricut art and CNC cutting machine art done in wood signs and metal art. All handmade is the way to go. There is love and passion in handmade.

  • How well do children’s tutus seem to sell?

    • I really don’t know for sure in your area, I’d do some research. I know in markets I do there are a lot of those and hair bows and other girlie things. If you have a great display and business cards and are good at networking you can do well I’m sure, but you’ll likely have some competition. That isn’t a bad thing 🙂 a bit of competition is healthy and means there are items that sell.

  • Awesome information

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