Your Craft Business Name is Critical for Success

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Your craft business name is one of the most important elements of your business. A great name will help your business shine and the wrong name can leave you unseen and unknown.

Your business name should be easy to remember, should tell what your business is about and the style of your items. Think about it. You’re signed up for a huge event where the vendors are on a map. Guests to this event may decide what to look at based on the business name. “Creative Crafts with Carol” basically says nothing. It’s boring and tells the shopper absolutely zero about the style, products etc your business has to offer.

Now consider a name like “zen soaps” – the minute you read this name you have a pretty good idea what they sell and the “vibe” of their business. I think – ah, probably a good place to look for some lavender soap that my sister would love for her birthday.

A good name not only works in the “real world” events, but online as well for SEO purposes. A website called “Tina’s Trinkets” says nothing. The search engine isn’t going to really consider that, but a name like Tina’s Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes – while it may not be “exciting” is very descriptive.

When you are creating your name, you want to think of the dreaded “branding” possibilities, a proper description of the bulk of your work, and when possible also keep it short and memorable.

This isn’t always an easy feat! It takes awhile to really come up with a name that will work for your business, but putting some thought and time into your name with pay off.

A Business Naming Exercise

Sit down and write 3 sentences. Each sentence should be a complete description of your business.


  • Tina creates handcarved wooden jewelry boxes
  • Whimsical handmade jewelry boxes with a magical feel
  • Durable, heirloom quality jewelry boxes handmade in Portland, Oregon

From those three sentences, circle important keywords and cross out less meaningful words. This will give you several choices to plug into name generators like the ones listed below.

Here are a list of free tools to help you with your craft business name search.

Namelix Business Name Generator

This one is fun because it not only shows you available names and domains, it gives you some logo ideas too. Visit Namelix

Name Combiner

Technically this is to help you find nicknames, but if you enter words that focus on your business, you may come up with something useful and fun. Visit Name Combiner

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