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Table Displays for Craft Fairs

Table Displays are perhaps the most important element to a successful craft fair booth.  It’s important to remember that flat displays are not your friend.  Use different elements to elevate most of your product off the table surface.  You can place items like trays, boxes, and display cases on top of the table to highlight and feature your best items.

Also, when it’s feasible, have one element of your display that allows customers to touch and feel your product.  This develops a sense of ownership.  So, you may want to keep your top quality items in a glass case (particularly for high end art or jewelry), but keep a few pieces in a little container people can “hunt” through.  Some shoppers like the thrill of the hunt and this can keep them shopping longer and really looking.

This is the only part of your table display that is allowed any type of “chaos” and the rest of your display should be well organized, clearly marked for prices and for the love of all that’s precious, not laying flat!  I know I keep emphasizing that point, but it’s important to keep the eyes scanning and drawn to your products and that is accomplished by bringing things closer to eye level.

Examples of Craft Fair Displays That Work


The display above is by a very talented paper crafter.  You can view more of her work and displays here.  See how her table raises the eyes up.  Nothing is fully flat on the table top first of all, way to go. Next, she’s used simple elements like baskets, boxes, and little shelves that are tiered to draw the eye up.  Also, her display has a curve to it, it isn’t just a straight line across the table.  The fluid layout, the use of tiered items, the fact the table is full, but doesn’t look “cluttered” and the fact there are “touch friendly” items make this table top display fantastic.  Also, her work is beautiful.

craft fair table display example

Check out the amazing use of color in this display. Everything is up off the table top, the cover is vibrant and the way the colors flow through this display make it extremely welcoming and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  From a distance I’ve no idea what she’s selling, but I sure want to! That’s the key to the perfect craft fair display (and why your display is just as important as what you are selling!) Visit her site to see more of her crafts and displays.  Amazing.

example craft fair table display

This lady makes soap and her display is top notch.  I love the contrasting table cover with the skirt, and the use of the crates.  Very simple to do, easy to transport, and even the items on her table tops are tiered.  Excellent use of color, height, and organization.  You can view more images of her products and setup here.  Her blog shares a lot of her display ideas as well.

Craft Fair Display Ideas & Inspiration

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