8 x 4 Small Booth Setup Ideas

small craft booth ideasAfter I did a post on 10 x 10 booth layouts, I had several people ask if I could also include a post for the smaller booths like 8 x 4’s that are harder to create, so here you have it – small booth setup ideas.

These smaller spaces can be harder to work with and you will have to get creative with your presentation and focus more on building up and having your items front and center, perhaps with a small space for you at the side.  It can be workable however and you can create a very nice display that is profitable.  These smaller “less desirable” spots will save you money on booth rentals as well usually.

So, here are a few layout ideas.  There are some suggestions first for tables and displays that fit these booths better.  Below that are grid layouts, showing you ideas for how to place elements – and even an empty grid layout you can print off and do your own planning.  (or draw a grid using graph paper if you’re old school like me lol)

Product Recommendations for Smaller Booths

First of all, if you are going to do these smaller spaces, in addition to a standard table that is normally 30 inches in width, you may want to invest in one smaller table like this one that measures 18″ in width, but comes in varying lengths of 5, 6 and 8 feet.

I’d stick to a six-footer because you can place it and have room on either side for a shelf or other display.

This particular model is a 220 pound load capacity, which is usually ample for most products.  They run $50 and under and usually have to be purchased online as I have yet to see any with the smaller width tops in any of my local stores.

Alternatively, you can also get these 34″ x 34″ square tables that are also load bearing.  They work just like the longer folding tables, but give you more flexibility with placement.  The actual measurements listed are 34.25″ x 35″, so for the sake of argument – and space, just say they are 36″ and plan accordingly.

These can be placed side by side or separated and still fit nicely into an 8×4 booth and give you some flexibility to change things up if you like.  They run about $50 on Amazon.

Display racks like these are narrow, only 2′ wide, but 6′ tall. You can make your own or purchase a set. This set of 2 is around $85 and they are great for small spaces. Don’t want to spend that much? create your own, perhaps visit your local hardware store and get lattice trimmed to size. Don’t forget you’ll want feet to keep them stable and sturdy. Upright displays are your friend in tight spaces, they pull the eyes immediately to your products.

Don’t forget you’ll want feet to keep them stable and sturdy. Upright displays are your friend in tight spaces, they pull the eyes immediately to your products and help you make the best use of all of your small space.

Ok so now that we’ve looked at some of the different table ideas, let’s do some layout grids below and look at possibilities.  Each square on the grid is one foot.

8 x 4 craft booth layout plan 1


This layout relies on two smaller square tables that you can build up with crates, shelves or whatever you like.  There should be standing display racks across the back.  You can leave the space in the middle if you like for standing or entering, but it will only be 2 feet wide.  You might want to consider a floor display at the back of this – a basket full of product, or short standing shelf, make the most of your real estate and stand at the front or to the side.

8x4 booth layout plan 2


This layout features longer tables.  Place the back one on risers (I have posts on these) so that it stands taller than the front table and is tiered.  The back and side can be used for standing displays.  Once again, you can fill the leftover space with a shelf, or standing display, however you choose to use it. If you use regular width tables, you can fit one with a shorter width table. I’d place the full width one (30 inches) to the back on the risers.


This layout uses every single inch of your space. You’ll have to ensure you can stand to the side or in front and perhaps keep an apron on you for change instead of using a checkout or cash box etc.  You can always steel a foot away from display rack space if you need to.  These tiny booths are so cumbersome!


Ok, so there are a few ideas of things you can do.  If you would like to play around with your own grids I have some you can print off.  Measure the tables, shelves etc you have and see how you can make them fit so that setup is easier.

Always build up on your tables too – go high with displays as best you can.  It makes all the difference in smaller booths.


Here is a graphic you can print out that will give you some blank ones to work with.  use a pencil to shade the boxes each square represents a foot of space.  Right click and save as then print 🙂 Enjoy.

8 x 4 grid sheets for printing








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