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Do you struggle with too many ideas and not enough organization or proper planning?

One issue I’ve found that I share with many other creatives is the tendency to have tons of ideas and not enough organization or planning.  I tend to hoard supplies at times, or forget what I have and end up with more than I need.

Sometimes, when I am excited about a new idea; I tend to jump in feet first without planning well enough, and well, that can cost a lot of time, money and frustration.

As a writer, there are several tools I use to organize my thoughts when writing and they translate well to other areas too – like brainstorming craft ideas for your business, or coming up with new innovative ways to display and sell your products.

First, always have a way to record your ideas quickly.  Perhaps your phone has apps for recording notes, or you can quickly organize your thoughts on your laptop or PC (I use Evernote).

Another handy tool can be a voice recorder.  I just recently received a very tiny micro-voice recorder and I love it!  It’s very small and picks up sound clearly.  You can record for hours.  Put it in your pocket and talk to crafters about their designs and ideas (NOT to steal them, but for inspiration!) Pull it out and record your own thoughts and ideas whenever inspiration strikes.

I actually used mine while taking inventory of what I have during my last craft room reorganization!  Recording it allowed me to go and make a list afterwords of what I have and what I need.  Very helpful!

Here is the one I have: Alisten X25 3-in-1 Mini Micro HD Digital Audio Voice Recorder

 You can see how small it is – I have it plugged into my laptop here:

voice recorder


Before you organize, sometimes you just have to get everything out of your head.  I love using Mind Maps to do this.  You can do it using a pen and paper or free software like FreeMind.  Basically, you start with a central theme and branch out.

Say you want to brainstorm how to start or expand your craft business.  You would put “Craft Business” at the center, then branch out – some of your first branches might be “products” “marketing” “supplies” etc and then those branches would have further branches – and so on.  The Mind Mapping software helps you get your jumbled thoughts out – and then you can better organize them when you can see everything in front of you.

I use mind maps, voice recordings, and EverNote all the time now and I feel more put together and organized than ever.

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