My Single Table Craft Display

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So, what do you do when you sign up for fairs where they provide a single table and you have multiple products? This is a great way to put your ability to organize to the test. I attended a very nice event recently where we had only one table and it still turned out great.

Unfortunately I had forgot to pack my top table cover; so in a rush we had to grab a flat sheet from a local retailer. It worked nicely, unfortunately it was creased from the packaging but no one seemed to notice ;). Despite that, I received numerous comments on the display.

single table craft fair display

It’s a little hard to see since it was taken from a distance on the phone, but I have my products sorted by type and I kept things at different heights for visual interest.  You can definitely do a lot more with a full booth, but single table displays can be quite effective with some simple elements added.

I placed soaps on dishes, trays and in baskets.  My tiles are hung on a repurposed coffee mug display that I found for a dollar at a flea market.  The wine bottles are placed on stacked crates that I also use for storing them between shows.

Small spaces require more creative use of space, but they can still be quite effective.  No one passed by my table without at least looking – and that’s the goal of course! 🙂

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