Increase Traffic to Craft Fairs and Increase Sales

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How to Increase Traffic to Craft Fairs

So, you’ve signed up for a few local events and you are really looking forward to preparing your products and making some sales. You are hoping for great traffic and weather, but do you leave the advertising of the shows solely up to the promoter? Marketing craft shows is more profitable when it’s a team effort.

To improve turnout and user experience, consider doing some show promotion on your own as well. Larger profits are the result when steps are taken to increase traffic to craft fairs.

Many craft fair promoters take vendor money for spaces, but don’t pull out all the stops to draw traffic for their events – sad, but true.

This is why I always advise craft fair vendors to also do some due diligence when it comes to promoting local events. It will help you and your fellow vendors, and if we all did this, shows would be even more successful with larger crowds.

Promote Craft Fairs Free or Cheap

  • Place a calendar on your website with dates and times of events you are participating in. Place these in advance and when possible have a Google Map for the locations. There are simple widgets out there that can help in this endeavor.
  • Use social media and tag relevant local groups and organizations. On Facebook, join local regional groups and when events are forthcoming post about them.
  • If you have a small local paper it is often very inexpensive to run a small ad.
  • Church and community bulletin boards. Create a flier for your products or the event itself and place them around the local area. Free and great advertising!
  • Community events listings on Craigslist. If your event hasn’t been listed by the promoters in Craigslist, the ads are free to place here as well and can really drive traffic.

Yes, we all want to focus on our crafts and sales, but taking some extra time to promote the events you participate in can help increase traffic and sales for all. It’s just good karma in addition to making good business sense!

Do you promote events at all? Have you noticed others in your local area doing so?  Any other ideas of free/cheap places to advertise?

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Comments 2

  • All these articles focus on vendor to help with promoting fair. I am a promoter in the mountains. After 4 years of
    trying every conceivable way to attract visitors I am not sure where to go next. We keep track of where visitors
    are from–82% come from in town! Stopped direct mail for this reason, adv within 75 miles, use bulletin boards
    very popular here, social media. We need a draw-no famous people here, have a guest list. I spend 6-8 months
    on a fair

    • Hi Trishaa, I understand how difficult it can be. Fairs seem to be dying down as everything is online. The ones in our area that do the best are tied in with other events like Spring and Fall festivals, carnivals etc. You may want to “tie in” with other events in your area and all work together.

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