Get Inspired Attention Grabbing Craft Fair Jewelry Booths

Selling jewelry at craft fairs is quite the competitive sport in many markets.  While it’s always very popular, it’s also predominant in many markets and requires a top-notch display to get yours noticed over the sea of other options available.  Below are some top-notch displays that you can use for inspiration to build or update your jewelry booth.

Craft Fair Jewelry Booths Inspiration

The staging for this booth is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like a posh little botique and makes great use of elements: line, texture, patterning and color. Don’t you just want to peak inside and have a better look? Love this.

Don’t you just want to peak inside and have a better look? Love this. The colors are soft and pretty and the jewelry displays contrast nicely.  I love the vase of flowers and the busts wearing necklaces – fantastic.

The manequin at the corner is also a great way to show jewelry in a way that gets your potential customers to envision how they would look in it.


selling jewelry at craft fairs
Source: Songbead

This display is smaller, but makes great use of height and really catches the eye with the shapes of the displays and tiered look.

I think it’s a great design that invites viewing, but doesn’t overpower the jewelry itself.





craft fair jewelry display ideasWhat a clever use of pillars and varying heights to make the most of a small space and draw the eye.  There’s line, texture and symmetry all in one simple display – fantastic!

I really like this display – it’s simple, but appealing and it works.  Great job.




creative jewelry display ideas
Designs by Deena

I really like the earrings on cards at the back of this display and the crates, very simple and easy to put together.

If it were me, I’d jazz up the table covers a bit and maybe go for more symmetry on the table, but the idea is clever for an inexpensive, yet functional display.



how to display jewelry for sale
found on

Wow! Check out this amazing round display. It’s gorgeous. I love that it goes all the way around and that the busts are all similar in shape and the same color.

It really adds great flow to this and circular displays in the land of rectangular tables are a fantastic way to stand out.



Etsy Product DIY Jewelry DisplayIf you like a more modern, industrial look for your displays, check out the cool way pipes are being used to create neat stands.

I saw a jewelry vendor at a local show who made full hanging racks/walls out of pipes with hooks attached – it was very cool and I couldn’t get a picture because her booth was crowded all day!


lacytaylor on Flickr

Here’s another very lovely, boutique type display that spared no attention to detail. The rug is inviting, the table covers are interesting and the displays.  This is a great booth that looks super inviting.







So there you have it – great jewelry booth and display inspirations.  What unique ideas can you come up with?  If you have ideas or displays you’ve created you’d like to share feel free to contact us.

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