Improve Sales With Great Craft Fair Signs

One element a lot of crafters gloss over is the power of good signs.  A lot of us just write a price and slap it on a container, but your signs provide a great “pre-sale” space that you should be taking advantage of.

Today, we’ll talk about the power of great craft fair signs and how to ensure you are using them to their full advantage.  Your signs can provide not only easily accessible pricing information, but also highlight quick bullet points or a short description of your product.

You want your signs to be well-maintained and professional looking since they are a reflection of your business.  Canva is a great free online tool you can use to develop beautiful signs that correspond to your company colors and style. No design skills? No problem their templates are beautiful and you can customize them to your liking.

Print your signs off in the highest quality available on a very high grade paper.  Yes, this does make a difference.  Presentation paper creates a clearer, sharper image.  Standard papers allow more inks to set in and can make the print on your signs lifeless and dull.  I personally use HP Presentation paper for my labels and I love it.  A pack of 100 sheets is about $10.00.

Design Tips for Craft Fair Signs

  • Use short paragraphs and/or bullet pointed lists
  • Use an easy to read font
  • Use contrast between your text and background
  • Avoid “garish” colors – strong and bold, but not retina burning.
  • Use a good frame or protective cover that highlights your sign.

Sign Covers and Protection

I personally use acrylic sign protectors and I enjoy them much more than I do frames.  They are easy to set up, scratch resistant, easy to clean and they put the focus on your sign – without distracting from its content.  Here is an example of some of my 5 x 7 signs.

craft fair sign ideasYou can see how nicely the signs can be intermingled with my display and provide information to customers. This is especially helpful if you have a busy table. Perhaps you are collecting money from one customer and another walks in. Great signage is a way for them to explore your products for a few moments until you have a chance to speak with them directly.

Often people prefer to read signs over asking questions. Be sure your signs highlight your key features, are easy to read and appealing to look at. They should draw the eye, but not take away from the products around them.

Acrylic frames like the ones I use can be found on Amazon. I personally like the ones with the slide off bottoms because they are more weighted and don’t tip over easily. There are others that don’t have that feature that cost a bit less, but they are lighter weight and may blow over or be knocked down.

This set runs $33.97 as of this writing and has 10 sign protectors. This is exactly like my set, only with clear bottoms instead of black. This is also a really good deal as my set of 6 cost as much as this set of 10. They are a bit of an investment, but they last forever, are easy to clean and easy to store/carry.



This is the other type I mentioned. It’s all one piece. The good thing about these is that the bottoms don’t slide off like mine sometimes do as I’m setting up. They are also priced a bit more affordably – under $20 for a set of 6 5×7’s. The downside is that they are not as weighty on the bottom and may tip more easily depending on where you’re set up and how you use them.

Both work well however and will protect your signs and keep them looking polished and professional throughout the craft fair seasons. They are also double sided so you can put different signs in and display different signs at different times if you prefer.





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