How to Find Local Craft Fairs Free

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Learn how to find craft shows in your area for free. Tired of all the expensive membership sites? Here’s how to find this information on your own.  The off-season is an ideal time to start researching for the coming year.
If you are pressed for time, paid sites can be worth the investment if you are looking to set up at many events and need to focus on things other than research.

In general, you don’t need to spend money to find local events and probably don’t want to if you are just getting started and need to keep costs down.

Where to Find Free Craft Fair Information

  • Check your local Craigslist. Do a search under “events” for terms like “craft fair” or “vendors wanted” and see what comes back.
  • Make a list of local cities and towns within the radius you are willing to travel. Do a Google search for each city’s website and look at their calendar of events. Often local festivals will be listed there. Contact your local visitor’s center or Chamber of Commerce to find contact information or to ask about local events.
  • Check local high schools. Many have craft shows (often juried), once or twice a year and the proceeds go to things like band boosters and other student activities. You’ll be supporting a great cause and these shows often have large turnout.
  • Churches often have events like this as well. Have your friends keep an eye on their local church bulletin boards or newsletters.
  • Network with local crafters. Join or start local crafter groups by using a Facebook page to help local artisans gather and share information. Nearly everyone has Facebook, so it’s a great networking tool.
  • Search Facebook groups.  I’m a member of a group dedicated to posting local events in my county.  Promoters post their show information and all I have to do is contact them and apply.

Use the search form below to find local shows. You can support the event lister website (and should) when you can afford it. A free search will give you the names and locations of local events, but the contact info and feedback etc is hidden except for registered members.

*Tip* There are ways to earn free premium membership on EventLister such as filling in information for events, uploading applications and reviewing craft fairs you have attended.

Run the search and then do a Google search for the event, check Facebook to see if they have an event or page, or look for the communities calendar of events etc. as I mentioned earlier.  There is definitely no need to go broke as a new or part-time crafter to find a few events to attend.

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