How to Display Bracelets at a Craft Show 3 Unique Ideas

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craft show jewelry display ideas for braceletsBracelets are fun and one of my favorite jewelry items to look at wherever I go.  So many varieties and fun ways to display them and often lower price points, make bracelets a good money maker.

I’ve noticed when most artists consider visual merchandising ideas for jewelry, the first thought is often necklaces, earrings or rings.  Bracelets seem to be almost an afterthought.

Here are some creative jewelry display ideas for bracelets.

painted bottle jewelry display
painted vintage bottle bracelet display

I like the idea of the painted bottles, they catch the eye and bring you right to the bracelets.  Some ideas might be to paint your bottles in colors that would contrast/coordinate well with your pieces.  It helps shoppers see what outfits your jewelry would work well with.

diagonal bracelet display

Honestly, this display itself is pretty basic overall, except for one perfectly simple feature – it allows you to display your bracelets at a diagonal – this draws the eye naturally and it’s unusual.

mini clothesline jewelry display

An Etsy artist (picture links to sales page) creates these replicas of old fashion clothes lines.  They are so neat and what a great, sturdy piece to clip some bracelets on (or earrings for that matter).

What unique, attention-grabbing ideas can you come up with?

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