How Much Change to Bring to a Craft Show?

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how much change to bring to craft shows Wondering how much change you should have for a craft show? As a general rule, I bring between $60 to $100 in change depending on the event size.

You want to bring enough, but not too much so that it’s easier to track and not a total loss if someone loses the box or it gets stolen etc.

In order to make dealing with change easier, I price all my items at either an even dollar amount or at 50 cent intervals.  This ensures all I need is quarters and bills. I do all the taxes after the sale and don’t put that on my customers.

I factor approximate tax into the price of my items and round it to an even amount. This isn’t scientific of course and If you want precision, you can indeed load up on full change and even use a cash register, I tend to take the easy way out :).  I’d rather focus on sales and customer service and deal with the hard stuff after the show.

I usually start with a roll of quarters ($10), $20 – $30 in singles, and the rest in fives.  If it’s an event where I know most of my sales will be via debit/credit card, then I don’t bother with more than that.

If I know I’m going to be in a busy venue where people are using the ATM and paying mostly cash, I will get another fifty in fives and tens.  Most ATM’s give out 20’s.  If you are selling in an area with an ATM you need to be able to make change for a 20 several times over.

It’s always a bit of guesswork, but for the most part, I never run out of change.  The only times I have run out is when there are a lot of people hitting the ATM and then coming to my stand to shop.  You may want to double check with your shows promoter about change policies and how the majority of people shop your particular event.



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