Frugal Soap Display and Soap Making Instructions

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I had a great weekend doing my first fall festival.  It rained hard the first day, but good preparation insured my products didn’t get wet and ruined. This show is located on a beautiful old homestead and farm. We were set up against the side of a huge red barn which made an excellent backdrop :).  So, by request,  here’s a post with links to my tutorials with full soap making instructions and a look at my super effective and very frugal soap display.

Fall is a great time to start new hobbies and I had several people ask me about making soap.  I am posting links today to the soap making tutorials I have written.  I love to create many different soaps – I use glycerin bases for my more artisan soaps and I also do traditional cold and hot process soaps.

My soap display for my Autumn Harvest and Pumpkin Pie Spice soaps? A simple, but durable basket I found at a flea market for a buck.  It looks super cute on the tables.


I just tilt it on its side and have soap bars overflowing from it.  I set it at the corner of my table and people stop to look and feel it – once they smell it, they tend to buy it 🙂 It’s one of my best sellers in the Fall.  My recipe has actual pumpkin and spices in it, giving it an authentic look and smell.

I also have the wine crates I use for my Autumn and Halloween wine bottle lamps.  Simple display, super inexpensive.  In fact, mine were free.  A friend of mine works in a liquor store and gave me the old crates they didn’t need.  Always look for unique items that you can pick up inexpensively.  Displays can be effective and not break the bank.


I took this while we were still setting up, so that’s why it looks a little bare, but the space was filled with lamps at varying heights to catch the eye.  Stacking the crates made it easy to conceal the power strip they were plugged into.

Anyway, for those who asked – Here are a list of my Soap tutorials on HubPages.  I’ll also be doing an online course in the future where you can learn everything from all the different techniques, to how to sell and market it.

My Soap Making Tutorials on HubPages

How to Make Your Own Handmade Soap – Overview of different soap making techniques from super easy to the more traditional cold process.

How to Make Soap in a Crockpot using Hot Process Method

Ingredients for Soap – Where to Buy Quality Supplies and Ingredients Cheap

Easy Crafts Melt & Pour Soaps with Sea Shell Embeds  – Do this one with the kids – beautiful and make great gifts.

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