Frugal Finishing Touches for your Booth

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So, you’ve probably gone to a great deal of time and expense to create the perfect booth, but there are a few things you may not have considered that can really add a finishing touch to your displays.

These little details can help put that cherry on top and give you a very polished, complete look that will show shoppers you are professional and dedicated.

I really like the paintable swallow tail banners below.  You can customize them and drape them across a table front or along your booth.  There’s two strands in a pack.  Paint, add vinyl, add a company name or simply a welcome greeting. You could do front and back and make them reversible.

Make your booth easy to navigate for your shoppers. Clearly marked signs or special pricing make browsing easier. People don’t like to have to ask “How much for this”. I used mini chalkboards like the ones below at all my shows and it was a lot of help. The contrast and the visual appeal of the little boards caught people’s eyes and they looked nicer than cards written in pen or marker. It’s just that little touch of polish.

Offer shoppers a little freebie like mints or candy in a pretty dish next to your business cards. Many do this now, so the best way is to use a dish that is really unique and eye catching. You can buy one something like what is pictured below, or find something at a vintage market or estate sale that is pretty and welcoming.

The key is placing it near things you want people to see like business cards or “find my items at _________” signs if you consign or sell in stores.

Use props and staging. Put things in your booth that help convey a mood or sensation you want associated with your items. In the winter months I would put oranges with clove in a bowl with Christmasy looking potpouri near my seasonal soaps.

In early Spring shows, I would put butterflies and/or bright silk flowers in my booth to capture that fresh, vibrant mood people crave after a long hard winter.

Simple props like these placed in your booth help create a mood or feeling and it really does help keep people browsing longer instead of just breezing by.

Here are some 3D butterflies similar to what I used in spring. I placed them on our crate shelves and here and there – don’t get too crazy, but people really responded to it – “Oh your butterflies are so cute.” etc. It’s an ice breaker and was welcoming.

So, hopefully you’ve enjoyed these ideas for frugal finishing touches for your booth. What ideas can you come up with? Any tips to share?

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