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free printable signs for craft showsOne subject near and dear to my heart is the support of local small businesses and artists.  When we shop local, it directly benefits our community and those families who have a vested interest in the area.

Sure, it’s less expensive to purchase cheaply manufactured products from box-mart, but it’s far more gratifying for me to know that at least some of my dollars are helping someone earn a living and fulfill a dream.

Whenever possible, shop local mom and pop shops and restaurants.  Go to your local craft fairs and festivals and make a purchase you can feel good about.

Support Local Crafters & Artists

There’s just something about handmade isn’t there?  I mean, that’s why we are so into what we do.  As creatives, we feel the need to use our creativity to reach out to others.  When I share my designs and my work, even my writing – I am sharing a piece of myself that I hope will have a positive impact on others.

Sometimes, it’s important to remind others that their support of local creatives is a good thing for so many reasons.  Yes, times are tough economically and this makes it where many can’t afford to shop for handmade luxury items as much as they otherwise would.  For this reason, it is extremely important to say “Thank you” and to let them know you understand their choice to purchase from you means so much.

I do this by hanging signs.  In fact, I made some you can download and print off in .pdf format.  Print one on a good quality paper or cardstock, frame it and place it on your table or hang it in your booth.

People will notice and it will encourage them to maybe consider purchasing at the fair they are attending.  These signs are a great visual reminder for both vendors and customers.

Free Printable Signs

You can print and use the sign yourself. Download it in high resolution, pdf format from this link:  thanks for buying handmade

free printable sign thanks for buying handmade

I also have a “shop local” sign available for free download.  Grab your copy here. 

free buy local sign







I ask that you NOT place my printables on your own website.  Direct people back here to download and support my work.  Thank you.



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Comments 6

  • Love this. I am going to use this in my next craft show display.

  • I love this! I think I might ModPodge it to a piece of plywood and hang it in my booth. I sometimes get so busy with answering questions, watching my booth, etc, that I’m afraid I’ve forgotten to thank my customers. A sign is a brilliant solution. Thanks for making one I can use!

    • You’re very welcome – glad you enjoy it. I think it will look great decoupaged onto wood too – great idea and definitely a way to keep it more stable/sturdy.

  • Thanks for the tips and the signs and labels/tags! Glad I found you on Pinterest!

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