Free Printable Handmade Tags Limited Edition

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The other day I shared some “handmade with love” tags, today is another set of free printable handmade tags.  This is a fancier set that focuses on more high-end or truly limited edition runs of certain products.  These attach on two sides and are very crisp when printed.

When you print these from the PDF be sure your printer quality settings are on “best” to get the nicest results.  Print them on a high quality card stock or nice linen paper and attach them with ribbon, chain, twine or whatever suits your fancy.

I would recommend using tags like this ONLY on items that are truly a limited edition.  If you plaster these on everything; it won’t work.  Save them for a few select items that you only plan to make a few of.  This is great for custom prints, or even a specific style of jewelry.

People love the idea of having something rare and unique and will often pay higher prices for such items if they are high quality.  It can be an additional selling point, but be honest about it.

You are free to print the .pdf and use on your products as you like.  Please do not place my printables on other sites for downloads – you may direct others here to support my work.  Thank you!

free printable handmade tags limited edition
Free printable handmade tags limited edition


Free Printable Handmade Tags Limited Edition

Click the link to download a high-res, full size .pdf sheet of tags.  Print and enjoy! 

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