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free craft classesAre you ready to tackle a new craft? Perhaps you’re wanting to expand your skills and make your crafts more polished and professional looking? Free craft classes or nearly free are a great way to take your talents up a notch.

Learning a new craft can be exhilarating, fun and infuriating all rolled into one.  In fact, I even created a meme focused on the stages of learning a new craft.

funny craft meme

As a creative, I always have the desire to learn new things.  Sadly, this can lead to wasted time and money when I am crazier about the idea than the actual process.

Have you ever looked at something and thought Wow! That looks amazing, I can SO teach myself to make those.  So, you hit the craft store, buy a ton of supplies and sit down to have a go and your Pinterest inspired idea turns into the thing of nightmares.  Forget Pinterest, your project is more of a feature highlight for Pinstrosity.

If this sounds like you as much as it sounds like me *cough*, you may benefit from really learning with courses.  Fortunately, there are so many ways to learn a new craft and you aren’t just resigned to trying to sort it out or watch 8 bazillion crappy YouTube videos for that one gem.

Where to Find Quality Free Craft Classes Online

Craftsy has an amazing array of professionally done classes.  It used to be pay per class which could get pricey, but recently they’ve launched an unlimited plan.  It’s like the Netflix of craft classes and totally binge worthy.

Better yet? – A free trial! Seriously, take advantage of the free 7 days and see what they have to offer.  You can literally learn to do everything from fine art to assorted simple widgetry.  If it’s not for you, cancel and you aren’t out anything, but you’ll definitely have learned something.

(Caution – addiction may happen)

Also, Udemy is another great source for finding classes. I use Udemy mostly for business related and online classes (also useful if you're selling your crafts online, building a blog etc.)

If you do a search there for "free class + keyword" sometimes you'll find completely free courses available.  I have done several and while less comprehensive than paid courses, they do still provide value.

Udemy offers classes for everything under the sun with over 50,000 classes. What I love is that very regularly they offer specials like "All classes for 9.99".  If they aren't running a special, just check back or sign up for free and they'll send emails when they have events.  Start learning on Udemy today

It is a rigorous process to get a class approved on Udemy and Craftsy - they will only accept top quality classes and video - so you know you're investing in a great service that will help you grow personally and professionally.

While YouTube can be a great free resource, the classes and videos there are often not professionally done and sometimes it takes a lot of watching and wasting time to figure things out.

An online course allows you to interact with the instructor and ask questions.

So, hopefully you'll enjoy these two awesome resources for learning (or mastering) your next creative endeavor! 🙂

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