Easy Craft Ideas to Make and Sell

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top 3 easy crafts to make and sell for profitNeed a little information and inspiration for some easy craft ideas to make and sell? Perhaps you are just wanting to test the waters and don’t want a lot of complicated projects, or maybe you need some smaller items to flesh out your display a bit while offering more variety at varying price points.

Whatever your motivation; one of the most common things crafters are seeking out are projects that are easy, not too expensive to produce and that have the potential to sell.  Here are a few ideas from around the web that I thought would make great projects.

Easy Craft Ideas to Make and Sell

Vintage Tea Cup Candles

easy craft idea vintage tea cup candles

Vintage tea cup candles are simple to create and make great gifts and centerpiece ideas.  Thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales are perfect places to locate those odd cups and saucers that don’t have mates, but are too pretty to just leave unused.

Here is a great tutorial on how to make them: How to Make Vintage Tea Cup Candles

Wood Photo Blocks (Decoupage)

easy craft idea wood photo blocks

I wrote this tutorial on HubPages.  You can do custom order blocks (these are vintage photos of our family) or you can purchase and use images from vintage postcards etc. They are very easy to do and quite striking.  You can also do this on tiles as well.

Here is the tutorial:  How to Make Wood Photo Blocks

Wine Cork Key Chains

There are so many cute things you can use to make adorable key chains, and wine corks can easily be purchased in bulk or saved from your favorite bottles of wine.

Here is a link to 500 wine corks for under $50.  (told you it can be a cheap craft!)
500 All Natural Recycled Wine Corks

And here are the key chain rings 500 for right around $20.
500 Split Rings Key Chain Connectors Steel Parts 24mm

Here is a video that shows how to make these – they take less than 10 minutes to make, are cheap, and very easy once you get the hang of it. You could easily put them on a cute display for a couple of bucks each and make a nice profit.

So, there you have 3 great ideas for easy crafts to make for craft fairs that are lovely and display well.  Most are cheap to produce, but still quality items your customers will love.

Do you have some ideas to share? I’d love to hear from you!

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Comments 2

  • Those photo blocks look fun! I sell handmade jewelry, but I get burnt out on beads fairly regularly and need a different craft. I am definitely going to try my hand at those.
    One of my favorite quick crafts lately is glass pebble magnets. You find a piece of cute fabric or paper, mod podge it to a small round magnet, then glue a clear glass pebble over it in a corresponding size. They are so inexpensive to make and they are terrific and easy gifts. Besides, can you have too many magnets?

    • I love the glass magnets. I make those a lot myself and they are very easy. I put a lot of my own art I create behind them. I’ve also done the glass cabs and pendant trays to do custom necklaces and those are also super cute. 🙂

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