Earring Display Ideas for Craft Shows

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Earrings are one of those items that everyone loves to look at. Most of the time they are at lower price points and a lot can be sold, especially with the right earring display.

Anytime you sell at a craft fair; you will want items at all price points. Earrings are a fun way to make sales and there are so many interesting ways to display them. When I sold earrings I used a rotating earring tree made out of copper. People were as drawn to that spinning earring tree as they were to my earrings :).

Unfortunately, that would sometimes mean having to tell someone’s child “Please stop spinning that!” but overall, it was durable and worked well. There are also several DIY inspirations I found around the web that I hope will inspire you.

This adorable idea comes from and I thought it was so original and clever.

Imagine different small containers you could use for earrings, or even just placing them in corks without the bottles?

The mind is full of possibilities.  Be sure to check out their site for more great images (and earrings!)


frame with chicken wire shabby chicHere is another great idea, posted on the primitive and proper website.  It is chicken wire in a shabby chic, vintage style frame.  I’ve seen this done with lace and picture frames too, but this is much nicer.

Wouldn’t this make a fantastically eye-catching display to hang in your craft booth?

View more inspirations here as well.  This website is all about “trash into treasure” and has beautiful reworks of old pieces.



ladder earring display etsyThis ladder earring display can be found on Etsy.  Although it’s currently out of stock.

I love this idea and it’s super cute and could be used as a craft fair display or even set on your dresser at home.  Larger ladders would probably be cumbersome to travel with, but a small one? Super cute.

See the original Etsy Listing


hanging earring organizer etsyHere’s another Etsy inspiration I discovered and I really like the crisp, clean look of this display.  The black makes a very nice backdrop.

My only issue with black is for outdoor events.  I had the neck displays in black and it was a constant struggle with a lint roller to keep them looking sharp.

For indoor events though?  Sharp and chic, especially with the right lighting!

View this listing on Etsy


This copper spinning rack is exactly like the one I use for earrings.  They are available in this style and others on Amazon.  This one runs about $13 dollars or so and I find that is very inexpensive for the quality you get.  It holds 96 pairs if you use the holes in the display.

I preferred putting my earrings on cards and hanging the cards on the display.  Dangle earrings can get tangled on this display if people are rough with it or it falls over things of that nature.  The cards look great too, but you can’t display as many that way.  I recommend it though! It’s served me well.

Click the image to view this on Amazon.

Need more craft fair display ideas? Check out our Pinterest board!

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