DIY Wreath Displays for Craft Shows

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Wreaths are a very popular and in-demand.  They look beautiful displayed, but due to their size, they can take up a lot of space really quick.  So what are the best wreath displays for craft shows? Learn how to maximize your space and really show off your craft.

Check out some visual inspiration and a tutorial on how to build your own inexpensive wreath stands below.

DIY Wreath Display Ideas

Here are some visual inspirations for you.  I’ve also included directions below for how to build a simple, inexpensive wreath display tower.

wreath display wall lattice
lattice walls make a nice backdrop


Sandy Newhard Designs on Pinterest/Etsy

Lattice is very popular, largely because it’s not expensive and easy to put together into a collapsible frame or with zip ties.  If I were doing wreaths, I might find a way to dress it up a bit, maybe thread some lights through.  Anything to make it stand out from the other similar displays that are in many venues.

Pin by Meredith Dougherty

It may not be the easiest set up, but the crates in the above display really single out and highlight each individual piece without overpowering it.  The crate gives the eyes a break so you can appreciate the beauty of each individual wreath.  It’s less clustered and cluttered than many displays.  Love it.

Folding display with chicken wire

The folding frames with chicken wire are a versatile display for all manners of hanging crafts.  They work well for wreaths too.  Click the image for a tutorial on how to build one like this.

Portable A Frame Displays

I saw this on Pinterest and was immediately impressed with the look.  The frame would highlight and feature wreaths without detracting from them.  You could take it a step further and put a solid background color behind the mesh to contrast and draw the eyes to your designs.

Wreaths displayed on shutters or louvered doors
Wreaths displayed on shutters or louvered doors

Another great idea, using vintage, repurposed shutters or louvered doors as a backdrop.  This also gives the added benefit of seeing your design in action and gives a clearer idea how it will look hanging on a door.

Space Saving Ideas for Wreath Displays

*Money Saver Tip*  If you use a canopy, you can purchase over the door hooks at the dollar store.  loop them over your canopy top and secure with zip ties to display some of your best pieces front and center.

You can find these at Dollar Tree

Find over the door hooks at Dollar Tree

How to Make a Wreath Stand

You can create a DIY Wreath tower using metal shelving and zip ties.  Take three shelves of the same size, form them intoa  triangle and use zip ties to hold together.  This is a very simple technique that you can set up and tear down with ease.  The tower is also moveable, so you can place it at the side or in front of your booth for increased visibility.

The finished result will look similar to this:

pin by Debbie Snyder

You can purchase shelf clips, or use heavy duty zip ties which are very quick and disposable. If you use zip ties, be sure you have heavy duty scissors on hand to cut the tails and to remove them at the end of your show!

I personally love zip ties because they come in handy for so many things. I always have a bag on hand in my toolkit. They are inexpensive and the heavy duty variety are useful for ensuring stability on a variety of displays.

What ideas do you have for awesome, space saving wreath displays? Feel free to share what has worked for you! 🙂

No time to DIY?

You can also purchase retail display panels like the ones below on Amazon.  If you have prime you get free shipping.

Each panel is 2 ft x 6ft – the perfect size for fitting into any booth big or small. Considering how sturdy they are, they’re a good investment and very reasonably priced.

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