DIY Keychains Easy Craft to Make and Sell

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Are you looking for an easy craft to make and sell at craft shows? Perhaps you want to add some lower price point items to increase revenue?

DIY keychains are great for this.  They don’t occupy too much space and are relatively simple and inexpensive to produce but offer a lot of room for creative expression.

These make great small gifts, stocking stuffers and even impulse purchases.

DIY Keychains

Consider making unique keychains with charms, beads and even monogram letters.  These items are easy to put together, the supplies can be purchased inexpensively in bulk, and displaying them doesn’t require a lot of real estate in your booth.

I personally started using glass cabs and pendants to make custom keychains.  They are easy to put together and super cute.  You can also sell the pendants individually. The image below links to a tutorial on glass cab pendant making.

glass cab pendant tutorial easy craft idea

Some ideas for glass cabs – cool monogram letters, zodiac signs and even popular names. You can offer to customize if you want to take these to the next level.

wine cork keychains
DIY wine cork keychain tutorial

I’ve made wine cork keychains similar to those in the linked tutorial.  Many seek them out for boat keys (they float).

I’ve seen others who do stamped leather for a more masculine look. So many ways to do this simple project.

Here are some other visual inspirations for keychains – what fun ideas can you come up with?

Check these out made with old Jenga blocks.  You could do similar things with any wood pieces though.

DIY wooden keychain tutorial
Jenga Keychain DIY

Check out this next one done with sharpies and wood pieces. Very cute and not overly involved.  It could also be modified for different shapes, color schemes, even personalized.

DIY wooden keychain with sharpies
Click image for DesignMon tutorial


alphabet bead keychain
Listing on Carousell

Here is an example of a simple keychain that is super cute.  Alphabet or letter beads are inexpensive. You can combine them with other beads or charms and come up with a unique keychain.  Use names, team names, catchphrases or whatever your imagination comes up with.

Here’s a good video tutorial on how to put these together:

macrame key chains

These macrame keychains are super cute and of course durable because they are macrame.  I make macrame cat toys and have used rope scraps and wood beads to make simple keychains myself, nothing as lovely as these, but still a great way to use everything and reduce waste.

Crystal Key Chains
beadabotique on Etsy

Crystals and birthstones are another cute addition to keychains. As always, never just steal or replicate other people’s products, but take inspiration and make it your own.  Perhaps birthstone crystals on a little card that explains the stone?

There are a lot of ways to make keychains that your customers will love.  Keychains are a great low price point item and space filler for your craft table.

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