CatCrame Featured Illinois Handmade Business

handmade cat toys in IllinoisCatCrame is a family-owned, small business specializing in the creation of unique cat entertainment devices (aka cat toys) sure to please even the most finicky felines.

Our unique toys allow a cat to exercise his/her natural hunting instincts in non-destructive ways. They have a variety of textures and sounds to prevent boredom and engage the mind. Humans like to play with them too because they’re so darn cute!

Our handmade toys aren’t just for looks, they have a mission! Cats that get regular exercise and plenty of stimulating, interactive play are less destructive around the house and more well-adjusted overall. Our toys provide a wide variety of sensory stimulation, giving your cat a good mental and physical workout.

We believe in our motto: An Active Cat is a Happy Cat!

Our toys are made with 100% organic US grown catnip. Our rope is also made in the USA.

We are available for craft shows in the Illinois/Missouri area and we sell online across the country through our website. Visit us today! or find us on Facebook.

Handmade cat toys


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