Crafting with Kids A Dad’s Perspective

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Today’s guest post is by freelance author Adam Krieger who shares his love of crafting with kids and how it can be an amazing family bonding experience.   He rediscovered his lost creativity through bonding with his daughters over creative projects.  Always great to hear from a Dad’s perspective.  Enjoy!

The Beauty of Crafting

Ever since I was young I had always loved building and creating things. I think we all start out that way. There’s nothing I loved more than taking a seemingly random pile of junk and putting it together like a puzzle. In my family crafting was a big deal.

Anyone who says crafting is not art isn’t doing it right. If someone said otherwise within an earshot, they’d hear about it from my grandmother. She had a chest that she called Pandora’s Box where she had everything you could imagine. Needlepoint, clay, string, sewing equipment, yarn, pipe cleaners, wood working tools, origami paper, paints, sponges, cardboard, newspaper and much more. If you needed something to make a craft, Pandora’s Box had it. I honestly thought I could make ANYTHING I wanted with materials from that box, including bicycles, automobiles and hover boards.

I would spend hours on the floor with how to’s or just playing with different materials. I remember always getting in trouble for sneaking into her chest and taking her favorite materials. I never got caught with my hand in the cookie jar, but I definitely got in trouble for sneaking into Pandora’s Box.

Reunited with my long-lost love of crafts

Fast forward twenty years later and I had almost forgot about the pure joy I had found from crafting. I guess life had just gotten in the way. I now had a stable job, kids, a wife and a lot of other responsibilities. It had probably been a decade since I even attempted to do something creative.

It wasn’t until my daughters grew a bit older and they got interested in crafts that the light bulb went off in my head again. Some things definitely run in the family. They were wild about crafts. (No, not Minecraft, although they do play it too much!) Not a day goes by where one of my girls don’t solicit me to help them build a craft from a video they’ve seen on YouTube.

So when we sit down at the table to do a craft, say build a paper mache piñata or make clay necklace beads, it means I have to do all the prep and set it up while they swoop in at the end for all the glory. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We make it a weekly thing, at least one big craft. Once I got back into it, I was like a duck in water. I finally understood what Samuel L. Jackson meant when he said, “I don’t understand how people can live without creating.” I mean, I had built a home for my family, kept great relationships with friends, put together a stable career, but something was missing. There is an almost indescribable sense of fulfillment and purpose I get from making something I put my heart into.

The Benefits of Crafting

I noticed that since my reawakening, I have been less stressed, more motivated and have met many other amazing people at craft shows and local meetups. There are some great benefits to be had. Crafting is meditative, a great way to repurpose, and a great way to meet good people.

Many studies have shown that meditation is good for your brain and can reduce stress. I love my yoga and gym time. I can build up my body and get those good endorphins that leave me with an ear to ear grin. But to be honest, it’s not as satisfying as the feeling I get from spending a few hours making jewelry from scratch or whittling a fresh piece of pine. There’s a certain Zen that it brings to my life that I can’t find anywhere else, and at the end I have something tangible I can hold that reminds me of the experience.

**How great a dad that loves bonding with his girls while encouraging their creativity and possibly instilling in them the skills to become future artists or business owners! 🙂 This dad deserves a high-five and I’m so happy to share his post here.  **

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