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Are you considering starting a craft business or perhaps wanting to expand your product offerings to increase profits.  Many people approach craft businesses from a “money” mindset only wanting to know what are the easy crafts that sell well? The truth is the best ones are going to be the ones you are passionate about creating.

I don’t like sewing that much.  I find it hard to learn and tedious, it’s just not my thing.  I’d rather make my soaps and work with my beads.  For me, those are going to come easier than any kind of “simple” sewing project, because I enjoy it enough to master it and make it special.

So while there are easy and trendy crafts that sell well, the key is to find one that you identify with that can also be profitable.  It doesn’t have to be something no one has ever done before or something that is trendy but will be out of style a year from now.

The important thing is finding something you love enough to really throw yourself into.  That’s what keeps your craft a hobby/love and not a chore.

That being said, there are some easy crafts that sell well that are not complicated and can be put together quickly.  Below is a list of items that turn good profits in many markets.  Hopefully you’ll find something in that list you can do and make it shine.

Simple Crafts For Profit

Crocheted items.  Many smaller items like hats sell very well and can be done quickly.

Paper products.  People love scrapbook pages and cards.

Ornaments.  People love pretty, unique ornaments for the holidays.  They make great stocking stuffers.  If you can personalize or engrave them – even better!

Big bows.  Big bows are all the rage in 2018 among little girls and their moms.  The bigger the better.  Make them in school colors and other popular themes for girls in the 6 – 9 age range.

Phrases and Quotes:  Metal stamped jewelry or small items with custom, popular phrases from books or movies are selling very well right now in our area.

Tap into nostalgia with customized items that have classic book and movie quotes.   70’s & 80’s stuff especially is popular.

Anything that is fun and functional – Lined utility type aprons with lots of pockets for women who also craft are a good seller.  They are not the simplest things to make – you need to have some skill, but they are well received.

Sewn laniard strings.  A lot of people wear their work id’s around their neck.  You can create a lot of different themes popular in your local area.

scrubs and bath bombs.  The ingredients for these can get pricey unless you know where to buy in bulk, but they are very well liked by many people.

Don’t be Cheap! 

Keep in mind that many people are looking for ways to put together something easy and make money.  Don’t be cheap.  You can put together inexpensive “ingredients” and still come up with a quality item.

Avoid the temptation to try to pass off cheap Chinese junk as “handmade” etc. I see a lot of this happening in shows and it’s infuriating.

Make something with your own hands and do things to make it special and unique – whether it’s awesome branding or packaging, a good presentation or money back guarantee etc.

It’s important to keep handmade items valuable.  If people want junk they can shop at boxmart.  If handmade craft fairs and markets start getting filled up with low-quality, quickly thrown together items, it cheapens the markets for all of us and drives people out of business.

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Comments 6

  • thanks for the info. I make vintage & reto aprons of all kinds. where can I find a market for them. I have pics if you want to view some.
    check, Kathy Mahr on facebook. please send feedback.

    • Hi Kathy,
      I would do a search on Facebook for local handmade groups and for craft/vendor fairs in your local area. You can also ask around at other craft fairs to find out what’s coming up or Google “Craft fairs near me”. You can also do a search for consignment shops.

  • I am finding out that most buyers do not realize there is a difference between Chinese goods and real handmade ones. And these items are made cheaper therefore causing a bigger problem for crafters who do make handmade items from scratch. I have heard it said so many times at the craft sales and in the craft booths , your items are priced to high to sell. True but the ones I make will be here for years instead of a week or two.

    THANKS for bringing this to the attention of all. Handmade crafts are fast losing a following because of cheaper items from over seas. Sad but true.

    • It is indeed sad and the reason why I stick to juried craft fairs when I do them and also why I feature handmade goods in our shop. Sadly, that is losing steam too. The big market now is people wanting to make things themselves – so if you have a project you can convert into a kit, or a way to let someone make something simple at your stand for a few bucks – that can help.

  • That last paragraph, about trying to pass off Chinese goods as handmade is something I’ve never seen addressed before. Yet it definitely needs to be said. Thanks!

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