Craft Show Sign Display Ideas

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Signs are important, yet often ignored, parts of a craft fair display.  Effective signs quickly convey information beyond price, but how do you make sure customers are actually reading them?  A lot of factors contribute to how well your signs will work for you.

Here are some sign ideas I’ve used that really work well.  Create and do a high-definition print on good paper.  The paper you print on makes all the difference.  Print on photo or presentation paper.  Yes, it costs a bit more, but the quality is crisp and eye-catching.

Use a border or contrasting, but NOT garish, colors on your signs.

Put your signs in a frame that gets them up from your product so they stand out.

I have had the most success using acrylic sign holders like restaurants use.  Here is a display where I used the acrylic signs and put my prices separately on little mini chalkboards.  More people read my signs with this display than at any other craft fair, so I’ll be sticking with these.

craft fair sign ideas

As you can see in my image above, I created a sign that has a nice contrasting frame around the text.  The text is a nice font, clear, large and easy to read.  You don’t want to write a novel, just a few quick selling points.  Bulleted lists are great too if you can use those.  People love to scan, not actually read signs.

You can see I used some cute little mini chalkboards for the price signs.  I use a chalk marker instead of real chalk on them because it looks nicer, is easier to control while writing and the line is thick and bold so it is easily seen.

This set of 6 restaurant sign holders is almost identical to the set I have (and costs less). The acrylic signs are so nice. They keep your prints out of the elements and nicely highlight your signs. They are easy to clean and take up very little space. This set is currently priced at $23 prime on Amazon – a good investment that will last you for a very long time. Click the image above for details.

This is the set of mini chalkboards I use. They are just under $12 Prime on Amazon. (Click the image for details)  I love this set you can display them vertical or horizontal and the little stands are so cute.  These are very delicate and the stands come unfinished.  You can paint, stain or decoupage them to add a bit of flair if you like.

If you are doing outdoor events and it’s breezy at all, you may want to bring clothespins along to help secure them.

I also purchased an old cabinet face from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for a buck and transformed it into a chalkboard.  I use that for a welcome sign and set it in the corner of my booth.

Great signs are a good investment that can help you make more sales.  If you are talking with one customer while others are browsing, a great sign can give them vital information until you can actually talk to them.  Make use of top-quality signage.  It’s an often overlooked item that can really drive sales when done properly.



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