Create a Craft Show Clothing Display That Will Increase Sales

craft show clothing display tipsLooking for ways to show off your handmade clothing at a craft show or event? Check out these inspirations for fun clothing displays.

Clothing does best when it’s highly visible as opposed to folded up and placed on tables or just jammed onto a plain clothing rack.  Unfortunately, without a ton of booth space, it can be hard to create an effective display.  Check out these ideas I found and why I think they work well.

Craft Show Clothing Display Inspiration

craft fair clothing displays

I love this booth.  It has a great table front sign, the round rack in front, and everything tiered and displayed in such a way that you can see very easily what this lady is selling and how much variety she has.

She makes great use of her area and it appears full without being too cluttered.  There’s walking space and room to move around a bit. Way to maximize small craft booth spaces.

little girl dress display

How cute are these little dresses?  I love the minimalist hanging display because it does its job effectively and keeps your eyes on all of her adorable items.

She also makes great use of her table space with pictures of little ones wearing her clothes.  This is a great retail trick used to help people visualize your items in use.  Making an environment where the customers can clearly visualize your products in use is a great “soft sell” technique that isn’t pushy or intrusive to the shopping experience.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – something to keep in mind.

Great job in a small space, inexpensive set-up and obviously effective.

Clothing Display InspirationsThis photo links to a fantastic article about this woman’s business.  Isn’t her display fantastic? Yes, there are more than clothes here, but look at the symmetry, repetition and great use of lines and angles in her 10 x 10 space.

She has items up along the wall and a mannequin where you can clearly see her designs. The hanging racks with shelves in the middle help visually by giving the eyes a break while maintaining that put together look.

Her displays provide nice clean lines and don’t detract from her products.  If the booth space were larger, another mannequin and a small table with some images might be a great addition.

clothing display ideas for craft fairs

What I like with this display is the use of the mannequin at the corner that has the full outfit on.  This is another example of showing your products in use and how they coordinate with each other.

This can increase sales because someone looking for a scarf may see the matching gloves or hat and decide they need the whole ensemble.

I like how this rack looks a bit like monkey bars. While it’s certainly not the jazziest looking display (I honestly think it overtakes the clothes due to the lack of contrast and how bulky it looks). With a bit of work and perhaps a bit of paint and a shelf to display some folded items and possibly the literature that’s on top – this could be a great display.

There is great use of color, contrast, and line with the mannequin.

My last entry here in the interest of full disclosure is a product recommendation.  This is a round, foldable clothing display rack which makes it portable.  Hangers can easily slide around, making your items easier to get to and see than a standard rectangular display rack.

I would put a small shelf on the top with a mannequin head perhaps and coordinating hats/accessories.  Another idea would be to put images of your items being worn on top because it’s in plain view.

Round racks are less common, look sleek and this particular one is very affordable and has good reviews on Amazon.

Feeling inspired? Have more ideas to share?  Feel free to comment below or contact me directly.  Happy selling!

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