The Best Craft Fair Tent Weights

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craft fair tent Those of us who set up at outdoor events often have to contend with high winds, storms, and other elements.  One good storm or wind gust is all it takes to destroy a canopy tent that isn’t properly weighted down and tethered.  Learn how to make or purchase craft fair tent weights to protect your canopy and your products.

Perhaps you’re just starting out or don’t have the money to invest in weights at the moment.  What can you do to ensure you are properly weighted?

DIY Craft Fair Tent Weights

Many vendors fill buckets with concrete or use cinder blocks.  Tie a very strong nylon cord around the weight and to the top corners of your canopy.  This is effective, but not always ideal.  It often looks tacky, creates a tripping hazard, and takes up a lot of extra space you could be putting to better use.

Pros: Less expensive and you can customize them

Cons: You are likely to do more damage to your canopy top with a cinder block and ropes, than with custom weights.  While your canopy may not blow away, the frame is likely to be bent in strong winds.

Purchase Tent Weights for the Best Results

The downside to these is they are very basic looking and can be a bit pricey depending on what brand you choose.  Also, most are going to do nothing to keep your canopy top from blowing away.

To stop that problem, always lower your canopy top during a storm, overnight etc.  You can also tether it to your tent pegs with a nylon rope if you are using them.

If you’d rather purchase canopy tent weights, there are many options available.  Most function in the same way; You fill them with sand and use the velcro straps to secure them around the legs of your canopy.

The ones I prefer however are the locking ones shown below.  These slide over your canopy legs and lock in place making them extra secure.  For added protection you can tether the canopy top to them.

This is the set I use now after upgrading from the sandbag variety. I find these are easier to travel with and take up far less space in my vehicle.  When you’re doing craft fairs out of a Kia Soul you have to be creative with your cargo space lol.  These work well and are simple to use. I like the fact they are unobtrusive and don’t interfere with my display.

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