How to Display Soap at Craft Fairs

Soap is a popular item that sells well and does even better with a great display.  We personally package our soaps and leave one bar open for people to touch and smell.  This is more sanitary and it also allows for a neater display.

Our DIY soap display consists of several baskets that are like little suitcases.  We stack our bars in the cases and display the open case with a sample bar in the front. Our signs fit neatly in the lids of the open displays also – bonus! It gets people to read :).

We always have a lot of people drawn to our displays who want to at least check out our products and when they do we can discuss our technique with them and what makes our products special.

DIY soap display

This was during setup for a single table display at a local high school craft fair hence school color table cloths and not our normal display :).  You can see our baskets open and our samples out with signs and placed in matching wood bowls.  We grouped the soaps with matching lotion bars.

The picnic basket below is very similar to ours.  People compliment them all the time and have even offered to buy them – imagine that.  I was fortunate and found mine at a flea market. These are an investment, but very durable. You can just leave your soaps stored in them.  We do and it makes setup and storage incredibly easy!

Another less expensive idea, but with a similar look/feel are the lined, open wicker storage containers that are very popular right now. We have a couple of those also and we tip them over and let the soap bars “spill over” onto the table.

How to Display Soap

Our setup fills the space nicely with our crate shelves and it draws people over to see “what’s in that?”  It was a very effective way to get people to visit us because we were stuck in a back corner.

*Tip* Always get a handle on your booth location well in advance so you can make adjustments to your displays accordingly.

Certain items like soaps, lotions, and scrubs sell better when people can interact with them: touch, smell, visual all work together.  If all your products are packaged, people may be less inclined to really stay at your table.

We have one of everything open and we group like items and use props like folded washcloths or scrubbies etc.  It helps people get a sense of the products and their use.

Frugal Soap Displays

This is a great option that is made of bamboo and expandable.It looks great and it’s easy to travel with. It gives your display the symmetry and rise also that are important display elements.

Similar to the basket idea from above, here is an adorable pair of pine crate wine boxes that could be easily replicated if you’re handy, or converted if you aren’t.

Shadow boxes are also a great way to tap into people’s inclination to explore.  I can totally imagine this as a soap display, can you?  Cute, rustic and under 30 dollars, or build your own and paint/stain to match your particular theme.

Our Final Recommendation

I’m going to do something similar to this for this season as a free standing corner display.  It’s very eye catching, incorporates line, texture and symmetry and has a great sign display area.  This is more of an investment of course, unless you find a way to DIY it, but I love this look.

What types of soap displays do you like and find the most effective?


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