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Another way to improve your booth and make your products more marketable is to consider the latest color trends. From fashion to home decor, if your items coordinate or match with the current styles, your sales are likely to improve.

I’ve been doing my research and here are what the hot colors and trends are for the current year 2016 going into 2017.  Hopefully, it sparks your creativity and helps you increase your sales 🙂

According to several home decorating sources like House Beautiful, the current trend is towards neutrals and calming shades.  Contrast is key, but colors like dusty rose colors that are more muted are being paired with rich charcoal grays.  You get the pop of the contrast, but it’s still soft overall.

Teal and other rich jewel-toned hues of green and slate blue are also popular colors.  I’ve seen a lot of these colors in fashion choices as well.

Neutrals are big right now and there is a move away from intense darks like chocolate browns to softer warmer browns.

Also, yellow is big right now, but not garish big bird yellow, think deep rich gold tones and also very soft yellows like cornsilk yellow – just a light tinge of the golden color.

Another trend is for lavenders and softer shades of purple (my personal favorite so yay!)

So, hopefully, this has given you some ideas for your crafts (and even your booths) for the current season.  Good luck!

2016-2017 Color Trends






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