Craft Supply Storage Ideas on a Budget

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frugal craft supply storage ideasHave your craft items overtaken your home and your life? I’ve found over the years that my space has become dominated by a lot of my collected materials and as a result I’ve had to become more organized.

Even in small spaces, you can find clever ways to stash items, but that’s not always the most efficient if you can’t remember where things are specifically.

Some of us don’t have the luxury of a dedicated craft space and that makes clearing clutter even more of a challenge.  For today’s post, I decided to research some innovative, but also inexpensive storage ideas.

I live in an 1800’s farm house, which is neat for many reasons, but one of the drawbacks is a total lack of closet space and storage areas.  This poses organization challenges for even master organizers, and trust me I am not that.

I do have an enclosed sunroom and back porch area however we are rehabbing and I plan to use this space to organize my supplies better.

As a result, I’ve been doing a lot of research into ways to make the most of this small 12 x 7′ area that will keep it looking nice and clutter free.  I’ve found a few great items I plan to purchase or replicate myself.  I also have some other ideas for those of you who need to stow items under furniture or on shelves throughout your home.

I spend a lot of time working on certain items while in the family room.  I obviously don’t want to have supplies laying out all over the place, so I have flat storage bins on casters that I can roll under the sofa or coffee table to keep items out of sight when not in use.  These work out great for any sitting area.

Sterilite makes these containers that snap lock and are on wheels for ease of use. I found mine at dollar general for 12 bucks each, Amazon also carries them in 4 packs Prime for a bit more. Bulk may be the best bet if you need a few and don’t have a lot of vehicle space.

Have you ever noticed that often things marketed to women are more expensive because we’re female? Think basic T-shirts.  Women’s tees are often 10 to 20 a piece when you can buy men’s in a package at the same price for 3 or 4.  When it comes to crafting ladies, it’s no different.

That is why for my beads and miscellaneous tiny items I prefer a tackle box.  They are compact, portable, and the price is right.  They are ideal if you need to take items with you to shows to work on also.

A cute tackle box like the one below – 39 bucks! Try finding a makeup organizer or craft sorter case for that price.  Hundreds of dollars sometimes – yikes! When you can find an alternative – look for it.

If you’ve never noticed things like E600 and glue are always more expensive in the craft department.  If you go to a hardware store, they are often less.  It’s all marketing. 🙂

So now that we’ve covered some small space, portability ideas, let’s have a look at what we can do in larger areas of the home.

If you have a craft room, or even a corner in another room where you can place a desk I am absolutely in love with this piece. It is marked down from 229 to 102 bucks as of this writing and it’s PRIME – go free shipping. Wow, what a great space saver and organizer in one. It could totally be decorated to suit your home and tastes as well.

I also love this set of drawers because it’s on casters so you can move it around freely, but it also looks sleek and nice and stuff doesn’t show through. This is a great way to stow some things and keep a clutter-free presentation in a room. Wheel it wherever you need it when it’s time to get to work. It was 104 dollars which is a good investment in my eyes and less expensive than many other similar pieces.

Remember before when I talked about finding something marketed differently.  This “shoe organizer” is much more cost effective than a “cubby organizer for crafts” ;).   This piece is $49.95 as of this writing and has 25 cubes that are 4.5″ wide and 11″ deep – perfect for storing fabric rolls and other items and keeping them neat, organized and easy to access. Tuck them in a closet, or hang them on a wall.

DIY Craft Storage & Repurposing

Don’t fancy buying new items and want to use your creativity?  We LOVE the Habitat for Humanity Restore and are blessed to have a few in our area.  They are a great resource for finding used furniture and building supplies.  Use scrap lumber from there to build your own shelves or storage cubbies and your money also goes to a great cause.

I have purchased so many neat items from these shops over the years.  Some I use for our home (aka the money pit but we love it) and we plan to search here also when the time comes to convert our sun room to a craft space!

Flea markets and even garage sales are often good sources of inspiration when it comes to creating a functional space.





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