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10 Tips to Find the Right Craft Show for Your Items

how to find the right craft shows

The Best Craft Shows for Vendors Craft fair information can be confusing at times, especially for those who are newer to doing shows.  One of the most common questions asked is “How do I pick the right craft show?” The answer is, that depends – and I know that’s not an easy answer, but here …

5 Ways to Sell Your Products Locally

sell your products locally

How to Sell Products Locally Craft fairs are a great way to get the word out about your products, but aren’t the most profitable way to earn a full time living.  Those who make crafting or art their livelihood have to expand out beyond the local craft fair scene.  Today, we’re going to look at …

How to Take Card Payments at Craft Fairs

How to Take Card Payments at Craft Fairs

Are you wondering how to take card payments at craft fairs and if it’s really necessary and worth the expense and effort? The short answer is a resounding Yes. If you are not taking card payments, you are losing out on opportunities. Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think and you don’t even need electricity …

10 Craft Fair Off Season Tips to Prepare for Next Year

craft fair off season tips

At the end of each busy season, I find myself taking some time off to rest of course, but then I get right back into preparation for the coming year.  Just because the busy craft fair season has come to a halt doesn’t mean you should – quite the opposite in fact. The craft fair …

Use a Custom Stamp to Increase Craft Business Brand Awareness

One trick we picked up along the way was having a custom stamp created for one of our product lines.  It’s a simple, very effective way to develop brand recognition for your craft business. People who have seen us at markets before tell us they remember seeing our toys. Why? Because of our logo and …