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Craft fair display ideas and inspirations

Create a Craft Show Clothing Display That Will Increase Sales

craft show clothing display tips

Looking for ways to show off your handmade clothing at a craft show or event? Check out these inspirations for fun clothing displays. Clothing does best when it’s highly visible as opposed to folded up and placed on tables or just jammed onto a plain clothing rack.  Unfortunately, without a ton of booth space, it …

Craft Show Banner Ideas

DIY craft fair banner signs and sign ideas

Craft Fair Signage Although it’s not the most important element of a great display, a craft show banner enhances professionalism and gives a polished appearance to your display.  I recommend getting the rest of your booth elements arranged first, but once everything comes together, consider investing in a banner or sign as the cherry on …

13 Creative Soap Display Ideas to Inspire You

how to display soap at craft fairs.

*This post may contain affiliate links. I never recommend any product I don’t or wouldn’t personally use. See our full disclaimers here.* Handmade soap is a popular craft and quite profitable for those who know how to package and display their products well.  If you’re selling handmade bath products at craft shows and other events, …

Craft Show Lighting & Booth Lighting Ideas

craft display lighting ideas

Lighting is a primary consideration when planning craft show displays and it’s one that vendors often overlook.  Many venues have low-quality overhead lighting that can make your colors look off. Yes, high school gymnasium with the old school fluorescent lights, I’m talking about you. Today we’ll look at craft booth lighting ideas and explore cool …

How to Display Soap at Craft Fairs

craft fair soap display ideas

Soap is a popular item that sells well and does even better with a great display.  We personally package our soaps and leave one bar open for people to touch and smell.  This is more sanitary and it also allows for a neater display. Our DIY soap display consists of several baskets that are like …

Inexpensive Sign Protectors Increase Sales and Enhance Craft Displays

craft fair sign protectors

Please allow me to present a product recommendation to you that I just know you’ll find to be worth the small investment.  (under $20!).  Sign protectors are a fantastic way to keep your signage crisp and sharp.  It gives a polished appearance and actually draws people’s eyes to your signs.  Seriously, this is one area …