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Booth Inspirations for Craft Fair Vendors

Create a Craft Show Clothing Display That Will Increase Sales

craft show clothing display tips

Looking for ways to show off your handmade clothing at a craft show or event? Check out these inspirations for fun clothing displays. Clothing does best when it’s highly visible as opposed to folded up and placed on tables or just jammed onto a plain clothing rack.  Unfortunately, without a ton of booth space, it …

Craft Show Banner Ideas

DIY craft fair banner signs and sign ideas

Craft Fair Signage Although it’s not the most important element of a great display, a craft show banner enhances professionalism and gives a polished appearance to your display.  I recommend getting the rest of your booth elements arranged first, but once everything comes together, consider investing in a banner or sign as the cherry on …

Get Inspired Attention Grabbing Craft Fair Jewelry Booths

jewelry booth ideas for craft fairs

Selling jewelry at craft fairs is quite the competitive sport in many markets.  While it’s always very popular, it’s also predominant in many markets and requires a top-notch display to get yours noticed over the sea of other options available.  Below are some top-notch displays that you can use for inspiration to build or update …

Outdoor Craft Show Booth Tips for Outdoor Shows

Many of us do a variety of shows inside and outside.  Outdoor festivals have their own unique set of challenges, however, so it’s important to prepare thoroughly. On the upside, outdoor events are often very festive, they have music and food and a lot going on and they lend themselves to earning more money (depending …

Small Craft Booth Ideas How to Make the Most of Small Spaces

small craft booth ideas

Have you noticed the latest trend in booth space? Apparently, many craft show organizers have opted for the less is more approach – meaning they sell you less space so they can cram in more crafters and make more money. Yes, this can be an annoyance if you have a lot of products, or want …