Best Selling Handmade Items for 2020

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best selling handmade items for 2020

Each year I compose a blog post highlighting my predictions for what will be popular for the coming season.  I base this on research into national trends and also my personal experience as a handmade consignment shop and indy art studio owner.  

I see what people gravitate towards and what they ask for the most.  I combine this personal experience with the trends I research to come up with our yearly predictions.  I can’t guarantee 100% accuracy, but we’ve been pretty spot on the past few years.  

So, without further ado, here are our predictions for the best selling handmade crafts 2020 and some current hot trends that are on the way out.

2020 Color Trends 

So, why are trending colors important?  It’s a great way to ensure your designs are more likely to tie into current trends and match your clients decor. Those who pay attention to interior design trends as they create their handmade goods have a bit of an edge that many other makers don’t consider. 

Pantone’s “Classic Blue” has been named by HGTV as the 2020 color of the year.  This is a deep, rich “true blue” color. Other colors highlighted include very soft apricot/pink shades that are warmer (think blush or peachy). Gold is also the metallic shade finding favor for the coming year, but not glittering disco flavor, more of the deep, almost mustardy hue.  

The current trend of pale grey and white (bland in my opinion) walls is still very much in trend, and people are gravitating towards serene color pallets against these very stark but neutral backgrounds.  

So, as you think of color schemes that are likely to appeal to your customers – think colors that are soft, relaxing and tranquil.  Even brighter colors like the coraly pinks are vibrant, but maintain a softness. You can see a pallet of 45 colors via this Sherwin Williams color card based on their 2020 colormix forecast.

Popular Products & Those Trending Downwards.

I have the unique perspective of not only doing markets/shows, but for the past two years we’ve owned and operated an indy handmade consignment shop & art studio where we host a variety of classes and workshops.  The trend of people wanting to learn and experience art and crafts for themselves is alive and well. The bulk of our business is workshops and classes.  

Our most popular classes this year were customizable items that had a functional purpose – glitter tumblers with epoxy resin, how to use your cricut and metal stamping sold out the most events. People also enjoyed unusual painting classes – not your typical “sip and pour” but things like mandalas and dot painting went over well. 

We also did “make and take” days where people enjoyed creating their own jewelry and home decor items with guidance.  Popular items were wire wrapped pendants and earrings, “farmhouse” style decor pieces done with chalk couture paste, and alcohol ink “stained glass” projects. 

Popular sales items included copper and painted jewelry, unconventional wreaths, bookmarks and vinyl products like kitchen oven mits and wine glass tumblers with fun sayings.  Our customers respond well to items that evoke an emotional response. Nostalgia items sell well in our shop as do items people can have personalized. If you can bring that into your shows, it might be a good way to get an edge on your competition. 

A booth where people can have something personalized while they shop, or where they can build their own item somewhat (choose a pendant and coordinating beads for example) are great ways to get people engaged and participating (buying) because they love that sense of having something completely unique that they participated in designing. 

Signs are still quite popular, but I believe are starting to decline a bit.  In our area the interchangeable welcome signs (where the O is swapped out for every season/holiday) were extremely popular in 2018 and early in 2019, but they seem to be declining a bit in popularity now.  Countdown chalkboard signs and monogram / est. customized signs were very popular this year though and that seems to be continuing. Personalized is always ideal. 

Wreaths are also popular, but more people wanted to come make their own than wanted to buy them out of our shop.  Also, unconventional shapes were much more popular than traditional rounds. Smaller wreaths seem to be trending too over the big, fluffy ones. 

Pets – pet clothing, toys and beds are always popular, particularly if you can give them something with a regional or seasonal flare.  

Handmade creatures.  One of our best sellers and most admired products this year has been handmade stuffed toys – the more unusual the better.  Don’t think “teddy bear” think unusual animals, even insects. 

Soaps and Body Products 

Handmade soaps are always very popular, especially if you get the scents that are trendy and in high demand.  I make soap in house in our studio. I am also checking the “most popular” fragrances from our suppliers regularly.  

In 2019 fragrances with tobacco and more masculine scents sold well.  We have a tobacco and vanilla soap in our shop that flies off the shelves.  Other popular scents are oatmeal milk and honey (a classic favorite), coconut lime, and tea tree and grapefruit.  Bacon (which I have not done) is a top-selling fragrance oil. Someone’s using it – it just isn’t going to be me lol.  Rose and sandalwood alone or in blends also do very well.  

So there’s our current list.  Bookmark and check back as I will add more once we get through our year-end roundups and I’ll organize it better by category.  Have a safe and wonderful 2020!  

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  • I just found your page and found it had a boat load of info. did not think that the color of your table made that much different s Like some of your trends but where I live the classes are very expensive to tale. I am doing a lot of pot holders and kitchen towels this year. as well towels and wash cloths . Hope they sell. Thanks for the info you put on your sight.

  • Excellent Post! I enjoy this update every year. I’ve also notice a lot of crochet and knitted items at craft fairs lately. They seem to be selling well.

    • I guess it depends on your area. In ours, crochet and knit items are not the best sellers sadly but I think honestly it’s because our area has so many people that knit and crochet on their own that there just isn’t a huge market for it.

  • Thank you so much, I am incredibly inspired by this article! What a brilliant business idea!!!

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