Best Selling Handmade Crafts 2019

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2019 popular handmade crafts
Popular Crafts for 2019

Happy New Year to all of you and welcome to this year’s most popular handmade items post. Every year I compile research, industry experience and feedback I receive to create a “best sellers” list of handmade goods I anticipate to be popular for the current year.

In 2018, we also opened a brick and mortar craft supply store and consignment shop, so I am also able to add information and perspectives from what have been selling in our shops as well. So, without further ado, here is what I predict will be highly sought in 2019.

Best Selling Handmade Crafts 2019


Jewelry is extremely competitive for a reason – it’s always a best seller and it’s timeless. The top selling Etsy items every year for example are jewelry findings, beads and other related items. The real challenge with jewelry is making it something very unique – you need excellent branding, packaging and presentation to stand out from the crowd, but once you establish a following, jewelry can be a great business. This is especially true if you can personalize, engrave etc.

If you do jewelry, it’s very important to pay attention to trending color pallettes and fashion so that your pieces can go with the flow.

Customizable Items That are Practical and Useable.

The top themes and best sellers from this past year are also going to continue to trend this year – namely anything easy to personalize that is also functional. One top seller is metal stamped necklaces, spoons and other items. In our shop and also on Etsy, metal stamped spoons are wildly popular.


No offense to those who love it, this is not my favorite, but it is making a comeback and it’s hitting a lot of top trends lists for home decor items.

Terrazo is a bold, spotted/speckled look. It’s kind of chunky and funky and in the right places it can be kind of fun.

Here are some Etsy coasters that are a great example of this style:

Etsy Terrazo Coasters

Farmhouse Signs

While this trend has been going strong for awhile now, it’s still quite popular. The best sellers are handpainted since painted is viewed as “most authentic”. If you paint signs or do chalk couture type signs of high quality, they’ll likely continue to be good sellers for awhile, particularly if you can do custom orders.

Customizable is definitely in high demand, although there is a return to some color now over the grey/white monochromatic scheme that has been so widespread.

**Important to Note** According to Etsy’s trend forecast for 2019, not only are monochromatic schemes on the way out, bright, vibrant earth tones like burnt orange are moving in.

Bows – Big ones!

Great big bows are all the rage right now, not so much for babies, but for little girls in the 8 – 10 year age range. Big, bright colorful bows are where it’s at. Make them in local school colors or in popular themes for your area.

Accessory Bags / Utility Type Aprons – functional pieces

Bags that go over walkers, custom bags that have pouches that fit phones, and even utility aprons with pockets for crafting etc. are quite popular in our region. Among creatives in particular – bags that have pockets for specific things like hooks/needles, etc. If you can customize it to fit a need and be both pretty and practical it’s a bonus.

Dog collar handkerchiefs & scarves

The little collar covers in different themes that slip on over their regular collars are very popular. Do them in local sports teams or popular pop culture themes.

Animal Motifs

Fox, Sloth, Llama and Racoon are very popular right now. Owls are pretty popular too, but they seem to be taking a backseat to these newer arrivals. Sloths in particular are on a rapid upward trend. If you can get some trendy animals in your products it could help you move more products.

Industrial Themed Items

Some of our most popular sellers have been steel pipe, industrial themed or “steam punk” pieces. While this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it does have an appeal for both the male and female crowd, particularly among the younger 20’s/30’s crowd.

More Things to Consider

So, there you have it, The Craft Booth annual report of popular trends. As we get more info we’ll update. Thanks so much for your support and good luck with your products this year!

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  • Love your site. So much great information in one place. It is very frustrating when a craft show is billed as “handmade by the vendor” yet they allow a “crafter” to buy stuff in bulk, add a bow or a rhinestone and call it “their” creation. We experienced this last fall in the booth next to ours and it cheapened all of our totally handmade artisan quality products. That practice needs to be stopped. As you said, it cheapens all of our craft shows if some are allowed to bulk purchase junk and glue a ribbon it. So happy I found your site!

    • Thanks Linda! I agree and that’s one of my biggest pet peeves seriously. Honestly I think a lot of organizations arrange these shows with little to no experience just seeing dollar signs for their organizations. As such, they let in most things because they don’t have the eye to see what is really handmade vs slapped together.

  • Is art selling well at craft fairs

    • Art encompasses so many things, so there’s no way to really answer that for sure. In my experience, people are looking a lot at things that aren’t just pretty, but functional.

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