Apron Displays for Craft Shows

apron display ideasSo, you’ve made a lot of pretty aprons and want them to be easy for shoppers to see. This can be a little tricky depending on the size of your booth space.  Once they are spread out, they can take up a lot of room very quickly.  If you leave them all folded though, not only are they not as easy to see, you spend most of your day straightening out your display.

So, what are the best ways to display aprons at a craft fair? Below are some examples I thought looked really nice.  Most are inexpensive and easy to set up.  If you have your own display you’d like to share, please feel free to submit it.



DIY Apron Rack
Click Image for Tutorial

DIY Sign Rack Display

This was built of course to be a display rack for the kitchen, but the technique is super cute and it could be adapted to hang from a canopy top or wall.  The lettering was made using vinyl cutouts (could be stenciled and painted and with whatever message you like)

I love the mismatched knobs as hangers! Aren’t they cute? The bright fun colors along with the bold red letters on the white sign are very eye-catching.

You might even want to make your own inspired apron displays to sell (using your own ideas of course – maybe hooks instead of knobs, or your own sayings etc.)  Very cute display.  I want one for my kitchen!



Keep it Simple Clothesline Display

This is, of course, the simplest idea and most inexpensive. Use a good load-bearing clothesline and for the sake of your products, I’d choose clothesline that has a canvas or cloth covering. You can buy it in spools and it’s very easy to tie into a larks head knot or slip knot at the ends.

Hang it from your canopy like in this example or along the walls. I would jazz it up a bit by painting the clothesline in a bright color and/or using brightly colored clothes pins – anything that draws the eyes into those back and sidewalls.

Having the walls up like this instead of open air also helps with the display because it gives a white background for the apron colors to pop against.

DIY Circular Hanging Display

The lady from this blog used this item she made to display photos, but inspiration struck.  Why not use something like a very large embroidery hoop or even a hula hoop and create something similar that can hang from the ceiling or canopy top?

The round display is unique and can be viewed from different directions.  You could paint your hoop and use E6000 to bond clothespins to it in a great display.  This has a lot of possibilities for all sorts of displays.

I wouldn’t tier it for aprons because they are long; I would use one large hoop instead.



rope ladder diagramDIY Rope Ladder Display

This diagram gave me some inspiration also.  Why not use some pretty macrame ropes, dowels and build a rope ladder type display that you can hang by tying it to the top of your canopy?

Place one of your aprons on a dress mannequin next to it and then fold your aprons over the rungs of the “ladder” as a unique, clever display.  I think it could work.

You could also use regular ladders, but I see a lot of those at craft fairs already.  I think this would be something a bit different to consider.


This diagram shows a variation of PVC displays that are easy to build and pull apart for various craft items. You can click the image to view a full tutorial on how to build these kinds of racks. The Tutorial is a different shape, but still useful.

You can create whatever type of display you like and then use clamps to attach it firmly to the ends of your tables for more support if needed. Jazz it up with some cute clips attached or even shower curtain hooks, paint it, whatever you like. Use your imagination and get creative.

These can be built in such a way that they are easy to pull apart and put back together for ease of travel also.

You might also want to consider purchasing items like a mannequin or dress form or even portable clothes racks.




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