Small Craft Booth Ideas How to Make the Most of Small Spaces

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Have you noticed the latest trend in booth space? Apparently, many craft show organizers have opted for the less is more approach – meaning they sell you less space so they can cram in more crafters and make more money.

Yes, this can be an annoyance if you have a lot of products, or want to sit and or breathe comfortably without having to dish out the money for more than one space.  It can be made to work, however, and below are some examples of some single craft fair table ideas or small booth set-up ideas.

Small Booth Displays

single table craft display exampleHere is a great example from Look at how she builds the table up using height and dimension.

She has nice grouping with her crates and displays, uses a board to add more space and has no empty space.  Also notice nothing is completely flat on this table top. Everything sits on something.

This is a small area, but it packs a visual punch and is very enticing.


single table soap displayOh my goodness, how awesome is this small table display of Soaps? I love that it has a Christmasy feel, and the use of the drawers is fantastic. She also builds her display up at a diagonal and it looks incredible.

This is a great example of a small space done well. You can tell this isn’t even a standard size craft table either. Well done display. The drawers appeal to our curiosity and natural desire to explore.

This image was found on Flickr and belongs to Josie Donahue.


Image from Flickr | Rhianna Wurman


This image is from Rhianna Wurman on Flickr. Her display is simple but very clean and elegant looking. She makes great use of line and fills her space nicely with an inviting, vintage look.

The soft light is what does it for me with her display and the hanging banner is a nice touch, but not one that everyone can do with single table displays.

I like her dual table covers also, the light on dark gives some contrast that is subtle and effective.





I just love how this artist makes the most of the entire display area. Pinning items to the front of the table and hanging tassels on the wall. Her use of line, color and keeping her items up off the flat table is great too.

Her use of line, color, texture gives visual interest to her more monochromatic scheme overall. The tassels add enough sparkle and shine to draw the eye and she places them right below a sign with her business name/url.

She gets her designs right out there in view and this booth is so pulled together it really markets itself.  Very well done use of a small space.




Little Sugar Plums


This display makes great use of color and line. I love the vivid pop of color with the banner on the white table skirt, very appealing and festive.

I also love the open basket at the center front of the display, it invites the passerby to peek inside and see what’s in there but doesn’t overpower her items.

She also makes good use of space by building up in the back.  Great job on this display.




Photo from Pinterest | original unknown

This was created to be a cupcake stand and it’s really clever. A similar display of tiers is a great way to add visual interest to a small space, particularly when the stand itself is also so neat to look at.

You can also purchase tiered cake displays, cupcake racks and even retail displays that are tiered and rotate.  The latter are a great way to display paper products and cards.

Think of clever ways you can create visual interest that goes “up” in an interesting way, not just straight, flat designs.






Beauty and the Bead


This display has a lighter more airy appeal and still makes great use of height and line, visual interest with the mirrors and other elements.

I love the kind of “shabby chic” looking shelves at the front/center and the stacking display shelves with the mirror at the top invite the customer to literally see themselves in her jewelry.  Great use of space, although this table does seem longer than standard.


What do you think? What do you do to make great use of smaller spaces?  I started using crates with shelves between last year and stringing battery operated LED’s in soft white on my display and it had a great impact. I was able to display more in less area and it really filled the space without appearing cluttered.

Hopefully, you’ve found these examples inspirational.  If you have any of your own you’d like to share or add, let me know 🙂












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