5 Tips How to Start a Sewing Business at Home

how to start a home based sewing business

Everything from specialty wallets to fully embroidered, home-designed dresses can be found at local boutiques or craft fairs in areas that have a strong local scene.

Starting a sewing business at home is a great way to spend time doing things you love, rather than commuting to work every day. Many people do production sewing of
various kinds and others even take up the title of designer on occasion, sewing pieces for local boutiques.

The good news is, you don’t have to have years of experience to start a home sewing business. Attracting customers is not as hard as you think! Use a great label and start by putting items on consignment or selling to those you know and grow from there.

You don’t necessarily need the most advanced equipment to start either. Many successful seamstresses got their start with an entry level sewing machine before upgrading to a more advanced one. Whether you have a fully professional sewing room or just a corner at the kitchen table, you will find these tips helpful as you start your sewing business.

Alterations for Others

Many people who sew started out doing alterations for their own families, but not everyone has sewing skills. Those who don’t have the time or know-how to do their own alterations need to seek out a professional, and that could be you!

Make Custom Garments

This is different from sewing for a boutique. Many people love custom-made garments, especially costumes. Not everyone has the time to sew. You can fill that void by offering garments on order. Cosplay for example is a huge market. You will need some basic pattern knowledge to do this and a dress form, but beyond that it doesn’t take much special equipment.

You might need a few pattern weights and really nice scissors for fancier pieces. The angle here is that custom garments take a while, so be sure your customers know about the time factor.

Home Decor

Professionally made home décor is hard to get in some areas. While there are a ton of easy and cute crafts that sell well, the key is to focus on the ones that can be profitable.

You can step into that niche by offering homemade pillows, table runners, bows, and wall hangings. Some people even start with smaller pieces like quilted coasters.

sew home decor for profit

Teach Sewing

Many people would love to learn to sew, and teaching the skill professionally is on the upswing. Try offering classes at your local fabric store, or even in your own sewing room. People start with everything from a basic skirt to advanced quilts.

Sell Crafts

Many people like Etsy, but you should also check out your local craft fair scene. You can even do both if you like! You will want to spend a little bit of time on branding including nice labels, business cards and even packaging.

Making money at home with your sewing is a great way to put your talents and skills to good use. As your skills grow, so will your customer base. You may want to stick to one niche, but sometimes people take on more. It’s all about finding out what feeds you creatively, since you need that creative energy to keep designing and making quality pieces.

If you find your business growing rapidly, you may want to check out some marketing resources or even some business ownership classes. A good resource is usually your
local small business development center, but there are many people that offer introductory business education online as well.

Helen Spencer is the founder of Hello Sewing, a blog providing honest sewing tips and advice how to find the most suitable basic sewing machine for one’s specific skills and needs. She loves all things DIY- crafts, drawing, decorating, making beautiful things from scratch with her own hands and above all – she adores sewing! You can catch up with her on Twitter, Facebook or

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