Month: May 2018

10 Tips to Find the Right Craft Show for Your Items

how to find the right craft shows

The Best Craft Shows for Vendors Craft fair information can be confusing at times, especially for those who are newer to doing shows.  One of the most common questions asked is “How do I pick the right craft show?” The answer is, that depends – and I know that’s not an easy answer, but here …

Create a Craft Show Clothing Display That Will Increase Sales

craft show clothing display tips

Looking for ways to show off your handmade clothing at a craft show or event? Check out these inspirations for fun clothing displays. Clothing does best when it’s highly visible as opposed to folded up and placed on tables or just jammed onto a plain clothing rack.  Unfortunately, without a ton of booth space, it …

Free Printable Signs Buy Handmade & Shop Local

free printable signs for craft shows

One subject near and dear to my heart is the support of local small businesses and artists.  When we shop local, it directly benefits our community and those families who have a vested interest in the area. Sure, it’s less expensive to purchase cheaply manufactured products from box-mart, but it’s far more gratifying for me …

5 Ways to Sell Your Products Locally

sell your products locally

How to Sell Products Locally Craft fairs are a great way to get the word out about your products, but aren’t the most profitable way to earn a full time living.  Those who make crafting or art their livelihood have to expand out beyond the local craft fair scene.  Today, we’re going to look at …

13 Creative Soap Display Ideas to Inspire You

how to display soap at craft fairs.

*This post may contain affiliate links. I never recommend any product I don’t or wouldn’t personally use. See our full disclaimers here.* Handmade soap is a popular craft and quite profitable for those who know how to package and display their products well.  If you’re selling handmade bath products at craft shows and other events, …