2017 Popular Christmas Crafts That Sell Well

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Are you looking for some things to make for Christmas craft fairs or a way to make your regular products fit for the season?  As crafters, many of us are very focused on the Fall season at present, but November brings out a lot of holiday shoppers.

Below are some ideas for Christmas Crafts that I’ve seen that sell well.  I’ve also done some online research and asking around and here are some predictions for cute crafts.

Remember, Never STEAL ideas – get inspirations, yes! But creative people do not ever need to steal or copy other ideas verbatim.  

Gift Baskets or Bundles

From the DIY Mommy

This is a great way to sell your regular products, but dress them up as a holiday gift.  For example, I do soap and lotion bar baskets and put them in a fancy Christmas box or little stocking things like that.

If you sell dip mixes, throw them in a holiday-themed basket or box with some small bags of pretzels.  If you make hair bows or other little things, create one for all four seasons and put those in a gift package.  There are many creative ways to sell not only “Christmas items” but to make other items into holiday gifts.

Also, look at doing the baskets themselves.  These sets are adorable because of the metal buckets.  What ideas can you come up with for the actual containers?


Wreath Display Tutorial Southern Charm Wreaths

Wreaths are everywhere this year and this may be a good or bad thing.  Obviously, there is demand and I see many walking around the craft fairs, but it is a trend that is very saturated right now.

Can you customize them though? Are you able to somehow make yours cater to the local crowd and still keep a holiday theme? If so, use that to your advantage.

Offer custom orders, or put nameplates on them or any kind of specialty thing you can do.

They are a timeless classic for the winter holidays and have really expanded into other areas as well.  I see wreaths for everything selling well.

Wood Signs

Wood signs are all the rage and they are everywhere.  Check out this cool holiday twist though on the one below- it lights up 🙂 how festive!

handmade wood Christmas signs
from Spaceships and Laserbeams


There are so many ways to do them and of course, they are going to be good sellers during Christmas.  I would suggest decorating a tree with different types of ornaments in different price ranges.  A hand sculpted or sewn ornament is going to be worth much more than a simple one.

I love the example below.  It’s very clever and inexpensive to produce the main part.  Do it in festive colors and add ribbons or other decorations to make them more Christmasy, or keep the cool tie-dyed, batik kind of look and maybe put names on them?

The image below will take you to a tutorial on how to do the basic ornament.

Bombshell Bling Ornament Tutorial

Wine Glass Lamps

This is a great idea for a project that can be both holiday-themed and every day.  Create custom shades and place them on wine glasses with an led tealight inside.  Very cute, can be done at a lower price point and will draw eyes to your table.  Create your OWN designs.  For those who are also Photoshop enthusiasts like me – this is a great way to make something truly unique.


Wine Glass Lamp Tutorial


Personalized Santa Bags and Stockings

Last year I did a big show where a lady who owns an embroidery shop was personalizing items.  Santa bags sold like hotcakes.  Here’s something similar on Etsy.

customizable santa bags

So, hopefully, this post has given you some inspiration for Christmas crafts to sell at craft fairs for 2017.  Good luck with your sales and have a great season!


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