Month: July 2015

Free Printable Handmade Tags for Crafts

free printable handmade tags for craft items

When it comes to creating beautiful products, packaging can do a lot to enhance your customer’s experience.  Simple tags, like the one’s I’m sharing with you today, are a great way to thank buyer’s for supporting local artisans and craftspeople.  These free printable handmade tags let both the buyer, and their recipient know, that the …

Do I Really Need Insurance to Sell Crafts at Craft Shows?

craft fair vendor insurance

You’ve been working hard on your booth, displays and wares; the craft season is quickly coming up and you’re super excited and ready to go. In the hustle and bustle to get set up and ready; it can be easy to forget certain important details – like insurance.  So, do you really need insurance to …

Pricing Crafts For Craft Fairs A Beginner’s Guide

pricing crafts for for craft fairs a beginners guide

This is one of the biggest questions and hurdles crafters face. There are so many things to consider and it can be quite daunting. This post will break it down and help you systematically come up with a minimum ballpark figure.First of all, before you consider the rookie mistake of “low balling” to try to …

DIY Jewelry Display Ideas Inexpensive & Easy

wine bottle necklace display Halloween

DIY Jewelry Displays for Craft Shows Jewelry is highly competitive and usually the most dominant item at craft fairs.  If you sell jewelry, it’s not just a good idea to get creative with your display to get noticed; it’s essential. A unique and creative jewelry display will draw people to view just one more jewelry …

Comprehensive Craft Fair Checklist for Vendors

free printable craft fair checklist

One of the quickest ways to lose money and have a bad show is to come unprepared. We’ve all done it, gone to a show and realized that we forgot an important item or two, or ten. Our printable craft show checklist ensures you’ll have everything under control when prepping for a craft fair. Trying …

Top 3 Etsy Alternatives

etsy alternatives

Do you find the Etsy marketplace overcrowded? Or do you simply want to try some different venues to see how you fare? Here is a list of Etsy alternatives you may want to try out. If you have experience with any of them to share, please leave a comment! SilkFair This site gets its name …