13 Creative Soap Display Ideas to Inspire You

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Handmade soap is a popular craft and quite profitable for those who know how to package and display their products well.  If you’re selling handmade bath products at craft shows and other events, you’ll want to check out these creative soap displays for ideas and inspiration.

Handmade Soap Displays

intriguing soap display

I like the diagonal display and use of various elements in her display.  It’s not “cookie cutter” and is a bit eclectic and it works.  I’d love this in a Bohemian type market or natural setting.

Soap display with great elements of repetition and sign usage
Pinterest Original Upload

The elements that work in the above display are repetition (easier for the eyes to scan) and great use of signage. People can easily see pricing and what they are looking at.

great soap display ideas
From the perfectly imperfect blog

I like the use of repetition and line in the example above, but also the staging.  You can see she’s using candles and other elements to make her soaps more appealing to users. She’s also grouping items that can be used together with her soaps and jars.

Handsome Goat Soap Company

The stand above makes great use of line and repetition.  It has a great sign and is a fantastic example of minimalism and clean, solid lines being effective and having a strong impact.

Fantastic craft booth with soap
Jennifer’s Soap

So many good things to say about her display.  I love that she used a good diagonal with height.  She has nice clean lines and good grouping.  Her table skirt with the scalloped pattern works well also.

great soap display example
Alchemy and Ashes

The display above is to die for.  She makes great use of her space with tables in back and the round display in the front.  Her packaging is minimalist allowing you to see the amazing details in her products.  Her brand name is front and center and memorable.  Check out that vinyl banner! You can’t miss it.  She groups her colors well, uses repetition, line, grouping.  Fantastic display!

Fantastic soap display stand

Her stand is amazing and I love how she puts her branding on the bottom so you can see the company name. Her stand makes great use of signs, her pricing is plainly visible. Her use of clean lines is very organized and pretty. Her display looks full but not cluttered.  Best elements here are branding and signage.  Awesome booth.

The example above is a great use of color grouping.  The products are placed on a diagonal, the label colors match and there is branding at the top of several displays.  Repetition means remembering.  The only thing I dislike is the handwritten signs on the clipboard – it detracts from the otherwise clean lines and grouping on this display.

Nice soap display inspiration
Faith Soaps and Love

Great grouping of products that go together.  They are placed on a bit of an angle to add visual interest.  Business cards are readily available (although I’d put them in something, they look messy like this) and clear, visible branding on the front of the display.  A lot going right here and you can tell it’s not a pricey setup yet it still looks nice and works well.

You can find display racks that are similar and professionally made on Etsy.  I love this one: 

Collapsible Handmade Soap Display Stand
Collapsible Handmade Soap Display Stand on Etsy

symmetry soap display

I love the symmetry of this display.  There is repetition, clean lines and everything is clearly visible and within reach.  The colors also flow nicely from one item to the next.

clean line soap display
Lovely soap display

I like how the display almost disappears into the product.  It’s minimalist and lets the items really shine through.  It also has another key element many people forget – lighting! Yes, it’s not just for jewelry and shiny things.  Learn more about lighting techniques.

Provides a hands on experience

This display works well with the open bars on matching dishes.  The lines are clean and you can clearly see that you are able to pick up and smell these soaps.  When people hold something they are more likely to purchase.

Here’s a great example of a minimalist display that works.  The covers and sign are very nondescript but functional.  The product tells the story and the use of angled, matching soap trays is inviting without all the frills.

You can get a similar look….

All of these soap businesses use varying display techniques that work for their products – from absolute minimalism to top-notch use of texture, line and design elements that create funky, fun booths.  Hopefully these soap display ideas have inspired you and given you some food for thought as you create the unique display that works for you.

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Comments 5

  • awesome display ideas.I love to see a display that really fills the space available, both horizontally and vertically and these are great examples of that.

  • Thanks for the ideas.

  • Hi, I’m looking for an attractive way to display 40 soaps as bridal shower favors. There are 4 recipes so I’ll have an unwrapped soap for each with a row of 9 boxed soaps behind them. The theme is garden party. I have an old bureau drawer that I’m painting and it’ll do but I’d be happy to be inspired with other ideas if you have any. Thanks

    • A large basket neatly arranged with some florals might be pretty, particularly if you can incorporate wedding colors or colors that coordinate well with them. You may also want to use some floral or garden themed scrapbook paper to put around the bars.

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