10 Frugal DIY Craft Show Displays You Can Make in a Day or Less

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frugal craft display ideasSeeking clever ways to display your crafts? Here are some of my favorite frugal DIY craft show displays that are simple to make and uncomplicated. Get inspired, find items to repurpose, or discover affordable places to purchase premade displays that won’t break the bank.

The Craft Booth is a participant in affiliate programs, however we do not recommend items we have not or would not personally use. We practice full transparency. View our full disclaimer and privacy policy here.

DIY Ornament TreeThis cute ornament tree can be built for around $10 and used for any small items that dangle.

I use something similar for a keychain stand that I found at a flea market and repurposed.  It was originally a coffee mug holder.  I really like how fancy this one looks and it’s a very easy project.  It’s a great way for me to have a small display for a lower cost item.

Click on the image to visit the tutorial over at Shanty2Chic.

DIY Ring Display High Heel ShoeYou won’t believe how easy this adorable project is and it’s very versatile.  A high heel shoe, some paint, hot glue and scrap fabric make a super cute ring display.

Use your hot glue gun to embellish a shoe with flowers, beads, bling – whatever your heart desires.  Paint the bottoms.  You can purchase and clean up and disinfect a flea market find – or buy a new pair.

The tutorial is linked through the picture.

frugal craft display wine crate shelf I created these shelves using wine crates, some scrap wood for the center shelf, some scraps of fabric and acrylic paint.

Paint (or stain) the crate inside and out, then decoupage your fabric into the inside bottom of the crate which will become the back wall.

Finally, use your scrap board and screw in a shelf. – Simple.

DIY small crate tutorial

Love the look of crates? They are quite easy to build and very versatile.  You can create any sizes you need, then paint, stain or decoupage them to match your business colors/theme.  You can build a couple of small crates like this for about $5.

Larger unfinished crates sell at Wal-Mart for about 10 dollars and can be painted, stained or customized however you like.  Be careful, I’ve found a lot of these have splinters! They are quite rough and should be sanded.

DIY pillarsHere is another simple DIY project that can add height, dimension, and visual interest.  Oh, it’s also super easy and inexpensive to make.

This project consists of a 4 x 4 cut to various lengths – whatever your heart desires.  (Home Depot does free cuts) Wood plaques you can purchase at any craft supply store or online, some paintable caulk and wood glue.

Click the image to view the full tutorial at  She made hers for a Halloween display, but I think these would be fantastic to highlight some pieces for a craft display don’t you?

DIY craft displays with PVCPretty up some PVC pipes and connectors to create custom displays in various heights, widths, and colors.

PVC is durable, cheap and also easy to assemble and disassemble.  You can use displays like this for headbands, jewelry, bows or anything else you want to hang. You can even create floor stands.

The image leads to a quick tutorial on how to create them yourself.

Saw this on Pinterest and can’t find the original tutorial, but according to the pinned image, this was created by cutting down the sides of a wire crate with wire cutters and applying small magnets to hold the boards in place.

The use of magnets over adhesive makes this a collapsible display that is easier for transport. Clever idea!

DIY Teepee Clothing DisplayThis adorable DIY clothing display rack would be perfect for a craft fair because it’s collapsible.

The tutorial requires only a few basic tools and some paint and can be done in an afternoon.  This would be adorable for baby clothes, but could also be used for other hanging items.

popsicle stick earring displayCheck out this cute display made out of popsicle sticks.  I like the use of cascading colors, but they could probably be done in one solid color also.

Super cute and you can’t beat the price – popsicle sticks are incredibly cheap to buy in bulk. Dowels would look more polished and professional and they can also be purchased for a reasonable price.

Hula Hoops are another inexpensive option you can convert.  We spray painted a dollar store hoop that we suspend from the top of our canopy.  I placed shower curtain rings around it and hang my sun catchers around the hoop.  It’s a simple, inexpensive display for hanging objects.

I also like the way the lady in the images below transforms a hoop to hold images.  The blog is not in English, but you can tell by all her images how she makes this – very clever and I think it would be a great way to display photos of your products, particularly for those who do custom orders etc.

hula hoop photo frame

What clever DIY craft show display ideas have you come up with?

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