What are the Most Popular Items at Craft Shows?

most popular craft fair items
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Are you looking for what to sell at craft shows to make money? Or perhaps wondering if your creations are already in demand? Maybe you just want to expand your horizons a bit and don’t want to risk wasting time and money on a product that may not sell. There are several popular craft show items that are universal and others that are more regional in nature.
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Research is always your friend of course, but here is what I’ve found to be most popular.

Popular Craft Show Items

When looking for the most popular crafts there are a few things I like to do. First is to check out Etsy’s list of popular items. Peering through these can give you ideas of what people are currently buying. This doesn’t mean you should copy other sellers directly! Use this for some inspiration though and consider how you might create something similar with your own spin.

Perhaps you look and notice that owls are currently all the rage, so you crochet up a few owl hats or something.  Owls actually are very popular right now. I have been a collector for years, and I notice they have really been popping up everywhere the last several months.

Other motifs I’ve see are sugar skulls which are super cute for Halloween. Upcycled projects like redone windows and mirrors.  Handmade cards are also popular.  Anything Paris themed also seems to go over well, but may be on the way out as I’ve seen a lot of this motif in clearance aisles as well. Pumpkin Spice anything in the Fall is all the rage right now. Vintage photos or things made with them are also very popular.

Also, you want to pay attention to your region. Many areas, like my local St. Louis area for example, are extreme sports nuts. In my area things with Cardinal birds on them sell well during baseball season.

Also, some towns may have their own niche markets. If your town is known for something specific; you may want to work that into a theme as well. It’s a good idea to walk through some local markets and pay attention to the craft booths that have the most action.  I live near Old Route 66 – that’s a very common theme here and a good seller.

There are also some classic items that do well. Jewelry is one of these items; however the market is extremely saturated, so if you are considering doing jewelry, you need to have your own unique spin on it to make it profitable. Perhaps focus on jewelry with a purpose (like healing stones, or customizable jewelry)

Soap and bath and body products also do well. This is another market that tends to be a bit crowded, but if you do your own spin on it by developing some specialty products; it can be very successful. I used to make shaving soap for men in mugs with a brush. I’ve also seen beer soaps. This has the value of appealing to men and, of course, to the women who are shopping for them.

Other items that seem to do well are aprons. I’ve seen a few custom apron ladies in our local area, some who also do doll and baby clothes and they are always busy. Aprons are fairly inexpensive for materials and not all that difficult to sew (or so I understand) and there are so many ways to customize them to local tastes and popular themes.

Hair bows and head bands are cute as well. A lot of younger crafty mommies are making these and they are really adorable. Like aprons, you can customize and do fun themes.

Dog treats are another one I see popping up a lot and I’ve seen some really cute ideas. People love their pets and they will often part with money to pamper their pooch before themselves.

Personalized items are also very popular. If you can etch, woodburn, or otherwise create a customizable item, people really enjoy that. Those kinds of items will always be in demand. If you do a business like this; it’s best to have an online presence as well where customers can order from you outside of a show. Be sure to hand out lots of business cards or literature to people.

Remember, just because a market has competition doesn’t mean you should avoid it. While the competition may be present, it means the items are in demand. Do it better than your competitors (or different) and there’s plenty of room for all of us.

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Thanks for dropping by.  Hopefully this list of the most popular craft show items has given you some inspiration.  Know anything I’ve missed? Please comment below! 



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10 thoughts on “What are the Most Popular Items at Craft Shows?”

  1. Hi, my name is Alice and I’m new to arts crafts shoe world. I currently reside in New Orleans ,La. and I am checking to see if anyone could lend me any advice about how to get started with crafts shows in my area ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !

    1. I’m on the Metro East side and I tend to stick with shows on this side of the river. Lebanon Fall festival is always nice and Edwardsville High School has a good one too in the fall. Good luck.

  2. I attended a craft show for 2 days this past weekend I decorated the most beautiful wine bottles I didn’t sell one I was totally surprised and bummed. I spent a lot of time and money on those well maybe next time

    1. Hi Jeanine,
      Sorry to hear that. It’s always disappointing when we work hard on something and it just doesn’t work out. It’s always a crap shoot to some degree as what is popular in one market may not do well in another. I did wine bottle crafts last fall and they flew off the shelves at a few shows, and I could barely move them at a couple of others, so don’t lose hope! Perhaps a little tweaking in how you display them, or how you market them could help also.

      Do you have a local theme maybe you could use with them? Are they different than other items you’ve seen? Is there another more well known seller doing similar items at the same event? Are your prices too high or too low? There are a lot of factors to consider and what didn’t do well at this past show, may do very well at your next one :).

      Good Luck,

    2. I have also tried selling my decorated wine bottles… they are beautiful as I have been told by many people… but again… not one sold

      1. It could be that this trend is on the way out or is overdone in your area perhaps. I just recently posted a new list of top sellers for 2017 and wine bottles are not on it. It may be time to expand into other areas. Good luck!

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