Top 3 Etsy Alternatives

etsy alternatives

Do you find the Etsy marketplace overcrowded? Or do you simply want to try some different venues to see how you fare? Here is a list of Etsy alternatives you may want to try out. If you have experience with any of them to share, please leave a comment!

SilkFair This site gets its name from the ancient trade routes that initially bridged East and West and helped lay the foundation of modern trade. On SilkFair you can open a shop for free. It has an import feature that allows you to transfer listings from both Etsy and eBay. They have several plans available. Premium plans give you great features like fully customizable HTML and CSS and the ability to use your own domain and brand.

Bonanza This site beat both Etsy and eBay in 2014’s “Most Recommended” and “Best Overall” online marketplace. There are no monthly fees, no listing fees and this site advertises your goods for you on Google Shopping, Price Grabber and other TheFind. The best part? No technical expertise required. Click and drop your way to an amazing storefront. They can even help you with tools to create studio quality photos. For those without high end studio equipment or photoshop expertise, this is a great feature.

Big Cartel This site is easy to set up and customize. You pay only the monthly fee for your shop, absolutely no other fees and you have complete creative freedom. A free shop is available, but you are limited to 5 items with limited features. The most expensive package allows you up to 300 items for $29.95 monthly. This site is a nice option for those who want a fully customizable, but still easy to use online store. It’s not the best for beginners or those with no marketing experience, but if you’re established locally or elsewhere and want a great place to show off your brand – this is a great site.

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