2017 Best Selling Handmade Soap & Soap Scents

2017 most popular soaps

I have sold a great deal of soap over the years and have seen many trends come and go.  Soap can have a more subdued look or be a complete artistic masterpiece, depending on the lengths you want to go. I find personally my best sellers are the ones I keep simple and very health … Read more2017 Best Selling Handmade Soap & Soap Scents

Stylish Crafting Top Color Trends 2017

Another way to improve your booth and make your products more marketable is to consider the latest color trends. From fashion to home decor, if your items coordinate or match with the current styles, your sales are likely to improve. I’ve been doing my research and here are what the hot colors and trends are … Read moreStylish Crafting Top Color Trends 2017

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