Craft Fair Sales Tips for Introverts

craft fair sales tips for introverts

Yes, even the most introverted among us can be fantastic salespeople, sometimes even better than our naturally outgoing counterparts.  Why? Because introverts tend to be more intuitive and can “read” people easier.  Sadly, many don’t see this.  They view their tendency to dislike social situations to translate to not being a people person. Do you … Read moreCraft Fair Sales Tips for Introverts

Comprehensive Craft Fair Checklist for Vendors

One of the quickest ways to lose money and have a bad show is to come unprepared. We’ve all done it, gone to a show and realized that we forgot an important item – or two, or ten.. This leads to panic mode and often runs to stores to spend money, which in turn cuts … Read moreComprehensive Craft Fair Checklist for Vendors

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