Summer Craft Ideas for Fun or Profit

Summer Craft Ideas
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Summer Craft IdeasMost professional crafters focus on the Fall and Winter seasons, but the Summer months can be a great time to get crafty too.  Kids are out of school and art and craft projects can be a great way to stimulate the mind and prevent boredom.  Here are some Summer craft ideas great for young and old alike.

Make some just for fun, or put your own spin on them and find a way to create similar items for sale at Summer shows if you are so inclined.


mason jar aquariumsI love this summertime twist on Mason Jar snow globes.  You add colored water and sea creatures to create these adorable oceanic decorations.

Mason jars are easily found this time of year and you can find your inserts at pet stores that sell aquarium products, or even a dollar store.

Click on the image to view the full tutorial – it’s very simple and looks like fun for kids of all ages.


tie dye shirts with heartsThese sacred heart tie-dye T-shirts are super cute.  Tie dye is a very messy, but very fun craft that adults and kids alike both love.

We’ve made a lot of tie-dye projects over the years, and it’s always fun to see what you can come up with.  Every design is always a surprise.

These stand out for the hearts – love that.  You can click the image to be taken to their tutorial.  The least expensive way to do tie-dye is to purchase kits that have everything you will need included.

I love this extra large kit because it has enough materials for four people to do a project and does not require you to pre-soak your items in soda ash first. It’s simplified, so it’s easier and there are plenty of dyes and complete instructions. For $21.95 as of this writing, it’s a good value and has everything you need to get started. You’ll get great error-free projects that stand up to numerous washings without fading. :). You can tie-dye any natural fabrics. We used to get white 100% cotton cloth napkins in a 3 pack in the dollar store and make mini-tapestries to hang on the wall. What can you come up with?


coffee filter rose tutorial summer craft ideasTake a look at these beautiful roses.  Can you guess what they are made out of?  I was floored to see these beautiful flowers were constructed with coffee filters and dye.

They are so lovely they can make a permanent centerpiece for your table or even used for weddings and other celebrations.

The image link will take you to a list of tutorials about coffee filter flower making.  So creative and absolutely lovely.



wine bottle hanging lantern After you enjoy that crisp, refreshing bottle of your favorite Summer wine, consider reusing it for a project.

I love this particular light featured on  the light features a suspended votive holder and you simply lift the bottle to light the candle.

Wouldn’t this look super on a patio or in the garden during the Summer months?  If you don’t want a flame, use a battery operated LED instead.

I love this idea and you can really make it fancy by etching the bottle or using beads or whatever else you can come up with.


terrarium tutorial summer craft ideaCheck out this beautiful terrarium.  This is another project that is fun for adults and kids alike.  You can find the glass bowls and a lot of fillers at the dollar store.

Get creative, use stones from your favorite hiking path, or add some shells from the beach etc.  So many fun ways to make these.

You can place them in flower pots with flowers and modify them into a “fairy garden”.  Let your imagination run wild and get creative.

The image links to the full tutorial on the sheknows website.

recycled paper art

Recycled paper can be rolled and wound tightly and used to create all sorts of interesting art pieces.

I love the look of this and the various textures and colors.  Hard to believe it’s simply done by winding up recycled paper.

A great way to use your creativity to upcycle items that might otherwise end up in a landfill.


What projects are you working on this summer?   Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration in the ideas posted here 🙂













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